Zone 1: New Podcast Explores Culture & Technology

In the inaugural episode of the Zone 1 podcast, Bob Bonniol, Emmy-winning creative director of MODE Studios invites LDI and Live Design Creative Director Ellen Lampert-Gréaux and Chief Web 3 officer for Digital Self, Ian Grieve, to discuss the intersection of culture and technology. 

Bonniol describes the podcast as a deep dive into what's behind the curtain, under culture, and in the circuits, as human stories collide with amazing new tech.

Topics range from the new HOLOPLOT Immersive Sound System in the MGM Sphere in Las Vegas, to how the metaverse is transitioning into the omniverse, and how close we are to losing the helmet and donning the glasses. 

Revelations include information about that noise that happened when you went online back in the 90s.

Going forward, Bonniol intends to bring groundbreaking writers, directors, designers, film makers, artists, developers, and innovators together to examine what is happening right now, and what it might mean for the future of entertainment, experience, and architecture.  As Grieve says, everything is on the table, and it's a big table. The new episodes will appear every two months, and this is just the beginning--Bonniol intends to bring this into IRL with a communal and interactive experience.

Stay tuned!