Wireless Dimmers, El Wire and Touring, Oh My!


When it was time for Lightwire Theater -- home to touring productions of The Ugly Duckling, Dino-Light, Moon Mouse and more -- to step up their technical game, they turned to RC4 Wireless for wireless dimming and DMX needs. Their first foray into wireless was with a cheap key chain remote for dimming; after that experience, they turned to the professionals at RC4.  “We use RC4Magic Series 3 [2.4GHz] transceivers with four and two channel dimmers; we wire into 12V inverters for EL [electroluminescent] wire. The [RC4] products are as low tech as you want or as high tech. I’m not even scratching the surface of what RC4 products can do, and it’s changed the way we can make shows,” notes Ian Carney, co-founder and performer at Lightwire. 

The RC4Magic 2.4GHz Series 3 line of products are the firm’s most popular units, and has been a staple in theaters, theme parks and on concert tours. “My objective with RC4Magic, and all our Series 3 wireless dimmers, is power control for anything a props master or show electrician might need to manage. Along with LEDs, lamps, motors, and more, RC4 dimmers can drive electroluminescent materials, like EL wire.  Ian and Lightwire have done a spectacular job of putting this functionality to use. Their award-winning work is beautiful and amazing to see. I love it,” says James David Smith, President and Chief Product Designer at RC4 Wireless.

Lightwire shows travel the world, and take RC4 Wireless products along for their journeys. “All the units are being stored in non-climate-controlled environments, on things like ships going to China. If they’re sitting in the trailer and it’s freezing cold or it’s really hot, it doesn’t matter;  we’ve never had an issue,” states Carney.

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RC4 Wireless is more than just a wireless vendor to the team at Lightwire.  “In terms of money, for a relatively small investment you are in a very solid world with RC4; they have great tech support and are an organization who is going to be a partner with you. The quality, the service, and the flexibility is there for a company like ours. RC4 Wireless is not just for the big businesses,” says Carney.

Read the full story of RC4 Wireless and Lightwire Theater here.


About RC4 Wireless

RC4 Wireless provides wireless DMX512 dimmers, receivers, and transceivers for use in theatre, concerts, venues and more. The firm won PLASA London 2014 and 2015 Awards for Innovation, LDI 2014 and 2015 New Product Honorable Mentions, and a 2017 PLSN Gold Star Product Award. Learn more about RC4 Wireless products at www.rc4wireless.com. See RC4 Wireless products in use around the world at www.wirelessdimming.com.#RC4DoesThat

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