Virtual Acoustics Are the Smart Solution at Valdosta State University

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Wenger Corporation announces the installation of its Transcend® Active Acoustic System in Valdosta State University’s Whitehead Auditorium in Valdosta, Georgia. The acoustic system is a vast improvement for the various musicians using the space, and not only helps the audience hear concerts better but helps artists hear each other better, improving their performance.

Built in the 1970s, the multipurpose Whitehead Auditorium features a proscenium stage and curtains, but did not meet the needs of the wide variety of performers using the concert stage. An acoustical study revealed the need for more supportive and flexible room acoustics. The University evaluated their options for improvement, which included everything from a complete remodel to installing an active acoustic system.

Administration chose the Transcend Active Acoustic System, and the improvement has been remarkable for performers and audiences alike.

“Performing conditions have really improved because now our players can hear across the whole orchestra,” explains Dr. Howard Hsu, Director of Orchestra Studies and Music Director of the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra. “The sound is much richer, which really benefits the strings. We’ve received many compliments.”

Dr. Doug Farwell, Head of the Music Department likes Transcend’s authentic sound.

“It’s warmer and fuller; the sound doesn’t feel artificial or gimmicky,” Farwell says. “The audience’s attention is focused on the stage where it belongs.”

How it Works

The Transcend Active Acoustic System uses a system of microphones, loudspeakers and digital signal processing to enhance room acoustics. Both acoustic reflections and reverberation are augmented, allowing for a flexible environment stretching from small Baroque halls to large Cathedral acoustics.

Developed using Lexicon’s active acoustic technology, the Transcend system offers a high-performance, affordable solution for acoustical flexibility, giving facility managers the ability to enhance acoustic environments in virtually any space: performing arts centers, auditoriums, theatres, opera houses, and worship spaces.

Wenger’s active acoustics technology requires fewer microphones while still providing an extremely reliable system and natural-sounding acoustics. This allows for streamlined, lower-cost installations than other systems on the market, and the best possible acoustic experience for any seat in the house.

For Valdosta State University, Wenger also installed acoustical panels on the auditorium’s side and back walls to improve the natural room acoustics and help eliminate distracting flutter echoes.

Flexible, easy and cost-effective

Transcend offers tremendous flexibility, enabling the auditorium’s acoustics to be easily selected to suit any event or ensemble, including band, orchestra, choir, soloist or spoken word. The technology, though sophisticated, is easy to use. Wenger technicians are able to communicate with the system remotely for fine-tuning and diagnostics if necessary.

“I don’t have to think about Transcend – it just works,” says Dr. Benjamin Harper, Director of Athletic Bands. He was happy to know there was an effective solution that was more cost-effective than fixing Whitehead Auditorium.

“It’s like building a new auditorium for a fraction of the cost,” he says.

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About Wenger Corporation

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