Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show: All Access Stage Highlights & Photos

The Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, was produced by Roc Nation and DPS with production design by Tribe, Inc., and creation direction by Silent House and Aakomon Jones.

Usher on the throne cart. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation
(Usher on the throne cart. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

The stage was created using All Access Staging and Productions Versa Stage®️ product line, below are some of the features and required for the build.

Stage highlights:

  • The Halftime Show requires 29 carts in total on the field. 
  • The design featured a main stage with an immersive video floor.
  • The center stage, band area, and ramps leading to two wing stages, spanned more than 118 linear feet on 20 custom carts and is wrapped in LED.
  • The "throne" stage utilized its own cart and stair system which flips up onto the cart for easy placement. This stair system was developed for last year's Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show featuring Rihanna and proved to be an elegant solution that will be reused.
  • The curved band area was integrated with the downstage section carts to create a seamless curve.
  • The main stage, wing stages, and ramps were outfitted with video tile. 
  • The band area used custom grated decks to accommodate fog machines and lighting effects. 
  • Staging surfaces included plexiglass, Lexan, carpet, aluminum, and wood, and each surface had to be roller-skate friendly to accommodate the performance.
  • In addition to being strong enough to handle rollerskating, the ramp carts have dancer poles integrated into the design, and carts around the perimeter of the field handle lighting fixtures. 
  • A key feature of the All Access Versa field stage system is its ability to handle heavy loads without damaging the playing area beneath it.

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All Access Team Credits

  • Manufacturing Design - Erik Eastland
  • Lead Project Coordinator - Tommy Rose
  • Head Carpenter - Roger Cabot
  • Lead Scenic Technician - Talus Jarvis
  • Special Operations - Fidel Garza
  • Stage Technicians/Fabricators - Arturo Martinez, Julio Rocha
  • Stage Technicians - Rene Avila, Micky Dymond, Ryan Trebon, Kendall Williams