Studio School Of Design Unveils Fall Classes

Studio School of Design made its debut this year and launched its first classes in June. The brainchild of Mark Stanley and Clifton Taylor, along with a diverse group of design professionals, the goal of the school is to create access to education in design for both people starting out in the industry who have not followed a traditional path, and for design professionals in need of continuing education. The summer semester proved to be such a success that new online and in-person classes have been announced for the fall. Course leaders include consultant and lighting designer Rachel Gibney, projection designer David Bengali, and lighting designer Adam Honoré.

See below for details of the new classes.

Drafting In Revit For Vectorworks Users

Revit has emerged as the standard for architects, architectural lighting designers and many other industries that hire lighting designers outside of the theater. This course will cover the basics of Revit for designers who are already versed in Vectorworks methodology and terminology, increasing your skill set so that you will be qualified to work in these related fields.

This 10 session interactive program facilitated by theater consultant Rachel Gibney of Available Light will open up your understanding of this important CAD program, building on your pre-existing knowledge of Vectorworks and CAD concepts to understand how collaborative projects and BIM tools are being used in today’s consulting, architectural lighting and themed entertainment contexts.

Introduction To Projection Design 
combine research images, color, movement and the design idea into content for projection design. This course is an introduction to the elements of craft that go into creating a projection design for live performance, and how projection design interacts with the other design disciplines in a production. Although some aspects of the course may be structured with lighting designers in mind, lighting design experience is not a prerequisite for this course

This seven session course is facilitated by projection designers David Bengali and Calvin Anderson

Light And StoryFundamentals Of Lighting Design
What is light? What do we do with it on stage, and what are the qualities we can manipulate to tell impactful stories? 

This IN-PERSON eight session in person program is being held at a special price for emerging artists and will be held in Midtown Manhattan on Monday evenings September 13 – November 1, 2021. Facilitated by Broadway lighting designer Adam Honoré

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