A Strong Team - PASE GmbH And Voice-Acoustic

PASE GmbH has invested in a new sound system from German loudspeaker manufacturer Voice-Acoustic.

PASE Licht- und Tontechnik GmbH from 97526 Sennfeld (Germany), founded in 2003, has invested in a Voice-Acoustic Ikarray-12 line array system for the 2022 festival season. The master company, which is well established in the event scene, transformed itself many years ago from a pure rental business to a reliable and trustworthy "full-service" provider in the event sector. In order to meet the increased demands and requirements, the already large stock of Voice-Acoustic loudspeakers has been expanded by another 16 x Ikarray-12, 12 x Paveosub-118 and 14 x HDSP system amplifiers.

"Competence and service - these are the cornerstones of our company philosophy," comments Philipp Riedl, Managing Director of PASE. "The perfect sound experience can only be achieved through the best reproduction quality of music and speech. As a Voice-Acoustic partner from the very beginning, we always like to fall back on the loudspeaker solutions from Dörverden, because price-performance, sound and workmanship simply fit here."

www.pase-licht-ton.de | www.voice-acoustic.de

About Voice-Acoustic

Voice-Acoustic, founded in 2006 in Dörverden (Germany), is a professional audio company of sound reinforcement systems. The company develops and builds professional speaker solutions of excellent quality, MADE IN GERMANY. The product portfolio includes innovative speaker and digital amplifier technologies for sophisticated mobile and installation applications. “Only what touches us emotionally, leaves an unforgettable memory!” Voice-Acoustic – success through quality.