Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Updated To Include New Visualization Modes

Available now in countries worldwide, Spatial Mic Dante & USB are shipping with Spatial Mic Converter Plugin v1.7.1 – an update that includes two new visualization modes – Direction of Arrival (DOA) and Power Map View (PMV).

With built-in visualization, the Spatial Mic Converter plugin can now display the location from which sound sources are coming from. Brighter colors represent higher signal levels in the Direction Of Arrival view or alternatively, Power Map View displays a projection of the 3D sphere around the microphone, where larger circles represent sounds of greater power and brighter colors higher frequency.

Spatial Mic Dante and Spatial Mic USB both rely on the Spatial Mic Converter plugin to transform the raw 8 capsule recordings into a format suitable for audio production – be it stereo or mono virtual mics, 1st or 2nd order ambisonic or surround formats like Dolby Atmos.

“Adding visual components to the Spatial Mic Converter plugin helps to better understand the audio scene happening around the microphone”, said Voyage Audio founder Colin Ritchie. “Often we want to aim the mic at a certain sound and then decode it with a virtual microphone – a task that visualization makes much easier.”

The visualization update will support VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats.

Various test projects have been made available as a free download on the Voyage Audio website. Use these sessions as a tool to learn how to best use the Spatial Mic Converter Plugin in various DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic and Reaper.

Spatial Mic Converter is a 64-bit plugin available in Audio Unit, VST3 and AAX format for macOS and Windows. The plugin requires a host capable of multichannel audio tracks like Logic Pro, Reaper, Pro Tools Ultimate or Nuendo. The plugin and demo sessions are available as free downloads on the Voyage Audio website to test system compatibility.

Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Key Features
Encodes unprocessed audio from Spatial Mic to first or second order ambisonics in AmbiX or Fuma formats, Surround Sound (up to 7.1.4 ATMOS) or virtual mic patterns including mid-side for mono or stereo output.
Multiple Output filters — created using measurements from an anechoic chamber
Change aim and orientation
High pass filter, gain trim and comprehensive level metering and individual controls depending on which output stage is selected
Free download as Audio Unit, VST3 and AAX
Spatial Mic USB (software included) — $899USD MAP

Spatial Mic Dante (software included) — $2,899USD MAP

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