Sound & Light UK Ensures Glowing Looks For St. John The Evangelist Church With CHAUVET Professional

Sound & Light UK Ensures Glowing Looks For St. John The Evangelist Church With CHAUVET Professional

DENBY, UK - (For Immediate Release) – The George Inn does much more than serve up delicious pies and drinks. As a “local landmark,” the traditional family-run pub also takes a proactive role in supporting its community, hosting many charity events and holding off-site fundraisers. This commitment was very much in evidence in March, when it sponsored Film Night at the historic St. John the Evangelist Church to raise money for the Denby Church Community Project.

The evening’s featured film, The Greatest Showman, might not have been the most memorable, but it’s safe to say that few guests failed to be swept up in the evocative setting, as the 13th century church glowed mystically from the richly colored light created by CHAUVET Professional fixtures, installed by Sound & Light UK.

Recognizing the importance and potential that light can have within the church, Sound & Light UK utilized six CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 and four COLORado 3P IP wash fixtures. The resulting mixture of atmospheric lighting served to create an all-encompassing site-specific immersive experience.

In addition to providing a beautiful backdrop for the film screening that took place at the event, the client wanted to highlight the magnificent architecture of the 13th century Grade I-listed church to attract as many passersby as possible. Thanks to the soft and saturated colored wash effects of both the COLORdash battens and COLORado fixtures, the church radiated with an ethereal glow, straddling an area somewhere between art installation, ceremony and performance. 

"To accentuate the aura within the church, it became very clear to us early on that an emotional connection could be established by employing saturated colors," commented Chris Bottomley of Sound & Light UK. "To this end, the COLORdash battens gave us the perfect tools with which to fill the magnificent church with deliciously saturated light." 

Bottomley positioned a total of six COLORdash battens down both sides of the nave between the windows, and a further four COLORado 3P pieces by the entrance door. Thanks to the 12 quad-colored RGBA LEDs of the COLORdash battens, the entire interior of the church was decorated with saturated color.

"One of the advantages of using the COLORdash battens on an installation of this size is their sheer brightness. Their throw was powerful enough for us to achieve the desired atmosphere despite the relatively large height of the church," continued Bottomley. "And the IP-rated COLORados allowed us to illuminate the entrance without having to worry about the unpredictable Denby weather!" 

With the creation of atmosphere and a heightening of the church's already dramatic aura at the forefront of Bottomley's considerations, it was imperative that the final lighting solution would adhere to - and not detract from - the clean contours of the church interior. Thanks to the slender construction of the COLORdash battens, Bottomley and his team were able to ensure that the visual aesthetic of the church remained largely intact.

"The compact size of the COLORdash fixtures was perfect for keeping the walkways in the nave as clear as possible - something which almost certainly couldn't have been achieved with a par can-style fixture," continued Bottomley. "As a result, we were able to fulfill all of the stringent health and safety regulations, in addition to providing the wonderful atmosphere within the church!"  

With the successful integration of the COLORdash and COLORado fixtures within the church, Bottomley and his team were able to provide guests with an inspiring visual atmosphere while simultaneously referencing the unique position and importance of light within the church tradition.

"The clients were very impressed with the effects which we were able to create - the overall result looked fantastic!" concluded Bottomley. "The response from visitors was so positive, in fact, that organizers are looking into make it a more regular event."

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