Registration Opens for The Attractions Technology Collaborative’s November Lab Event

Orlando, Fla. — The Attractions Technology Lab (ATL) is back and better than ever! This November 10 and 13-17, immerse yourself in the latest technological innovations, custom-designed to deliver the industry’s distinct requirements by the companies dedicated to serving this market.

This year, the ATL delivers a higher level of collaboration than before. With additional contributions from an expanding list of partners, this Lab focuses on the power of imagination and creativity facilitated through technical collaboration. 

“We’re excited to announce the exceptional creative service partners who have joined us on this journey,” noted Loren Barrows from the Attractions Technology Collaborative (ATC). “Good Theory Studios, Fivestone Studios, Stephen Arnold Music, and Theme Park AV have been instrumental in shaping this Attractions Technology Lab into a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Good Theory Studios and Fivestone Studios partnered to develop content specifically for the Dark Ride Lab. Demonstrating two different approaches to content creation, the artists at Good Theory Studios and Fivestone Studios have transformed the ATL vision into one-of-a-kind stunning visual realities. Barrows continued, “In the true spirit of collaboration, both companies worked together to craft the visual experiences that serve as our canvas for the art of technology. Their dedication to detail and design has added a layer of intrigue and story that transformed our entire Lab.”

Also, the talents of Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) have come on board to create custom music for the event. Music is the soul of any great story, and creative music agency SAM has crafted the soundtrack of the Attractions Technology Lab with rhythms and soundscapes that will transport you deeper into this year’s immersive experience.

Every attraction needs talent to bring the technology behind the magic to life. SAM’s soundscape permeates the entire Lab, facilitated by a system designed by Theme Park AV in partnership with several manufacturers. Using gear provided by Holoplot, Alcorn McBride, Q-SYS, and Powersoft, ThemePark AV developed an advanced audio ecosystem that is expertly suited to meet the demands of any dark ride environment. 

The ATL was created to showcase technologies designed for the needs of attractions while advancing innovation through collaboration. Attend and be part of a dynamic community that thrives on pushing the boundaries of imagination through technology and relationships. 

Event details and registration:

About the Attractions Technology Collaborative
The Attractions Technology Collaborative is a consortium of leading companies in the attractions and entertainment industry. Committed to advancing technology and innovation within the industry, the collaborative fosters creativity, collaboration, and excellence in themed entertainment.

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