Registration Now Open to Therapists for the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder


Last fall, Behind the Scenes, with the assistance of other industry professionals, conducted an online survey of the industry which received an unprecedented response. The results revealed that a pressing problem is finding therapists who understand something about the unique culture and stresses of the entertainment industry and who are available to see people on nights and weekends or through teletherapy.

As a result, we have partnered with HelpPRO to create an online therapist finder specifically for the entertainment industry. Only therapists who have previously seen professionals in the entertainment industry as clients, or who have personal professional experience in the industry themselves will be included in this finder. The finder will be available to anyone working in any facet of the entertainment industry and users will be able to search for a therapist by a range of criteria important to them.

The finder is now accepting therapist listings. Therapists will complete an extensive questionnaire that includes their areas of specialty, what insurance they accept and whether they have a sliding scale for those not covered, whether they have weekend and nighttime office hours or will conduct phone or video sessions, and much more. This will allow those seeking counseling to find the best possible matches for their needs.


If you know of a therapist with the required experience, please tell them about the finder and ask them to register at Thank you to the many people who answered our call to recommend a therapist. Those therapists will be contacted directly with information on how to register.

The Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder will be made available to everyone in the industry as soon as there are enough therapist listings to be useful. Please help by encouraging registration.

Behind the Scenes in conjunction with other concerned organizations and individuals have come together to create the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative. A series of tools and resources has been developed to not only help you but also assist you in helping your colleagues. Find links to resources, the online self-assessment tool, and information about the initiative and programs at

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