Record Your Sonic Environment For Earth Day

Record Your Sonic Environment For Earth Day

Today, April 22, is Earth Day, and Bryan Pijanowski asks for your help. No, it is not to pick up trash or plant a tree, but if you can do so, please, by all means. Instead, Pijanowski asks you to record a few minutes of your sonic surroundings with a smartphone, according to

Through the Global Soundscape Project, Pijanowski, soundscape ecologist at Purdue University, hopes that thousands of people will use the Soundscape Recorder smartphone app to help make a soundtrack to life on Earth that scientists can analyze for patterns and changes year after year. With the billions of smartphone owners out there, Pijanowski hopes to record cities, towns, and suburbs to study their sonic character.

“We should get a sense of whether and how we’re making this a noisier planet, which I think we’re doing,” Pijanowski told “And it should increase awareness of sounds. Hopefully it will make people stop and listen.”

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