Quince Imaging Brings Projection Mapping to Corporate Entertainment

San Diego, California, August 1:  The United Association (UA) of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada is a bustling union, steeped in a 125-year history of providing the most proficient tradesmen in the workforce.  On August 1st, over 3,000 men and women kicked off the first of a five-day convention in San Diego, California.  Delegates of the convention were invited to elect top officials, vote on resolutions to complex issues and absorb a wealth of information from industry-renowned influential speakers.  UA event producer, Kelly Press, envisioned an immersive, opening-day ceremony designed to invigorate and inspire attendees.  The team at Quince Imaging met the challenge, creating and delivering that vision by producing a dynamic, experiential first-day display. 

Hand selected by Kelly Press, a leader in delivering cutting-edge experiential design and creative services to big events, Quince Imaging provided full-service projection solutions to the UA that would offer attendees the opportunity to engage with, and immerse themselves in, a visual feast of all-encompassing sights and sounds representative of the trades they embody.  Renowned for delivering world-class projection solutions at live events, such as the United States Presidential Inauguration and the Olympics, The United Association Convention invited a unique opportunity for Quince Imaging to introduce premium design and display services to the world of traditional corporate entertainment.  A defining moment for The UA, and almost certainly a nod to the notion that experiential design is becoming the platform of choice for connecting with and engaging corporate audiences.  

Having worked with Kelly Press in years past to design opening-day productions for the UA Convention, the scope of this project was expected to extend far beyond anything the UA had ever experienced.  Unlike previous conventions, Quince was tasked with conceiving a customized, creative concept that would resonate with the mission of the UA and also invigorate members and delegates as they entered into five grueling days of intense elections, debates and discussions. 

Quince’s creative team quickly got to work designing specialized images and configuring a customized projection solution that would display high-resolution 3D images onto a 270-foot by 31-foot screen surface.  Using 20 large-venue projectors, the massive screen space was converged into a single pixel space, creating a crisp image, over 10,000 pixels wide.  Harnessing the power of media server technology, high-powered projection and 3D design, the production team was able to deliver a captivatingly immersive opening-day experience.

The UA Convention hall was transformed into a giant montage of 3D images representative of the trades represented by the United Association, including plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, welders, service technicians, metal tradesmen and pipeliners. The UA Convention production was so well received in fact, that the presentation was extended to run each morning throughout the entirety of weeklong events.  The Quince team was able to deliver the robust offering by supplying a full suite of creative services, including custom content creation, 3D image projection mapping, full-service turnkey video production, projection screens and video services.

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About Quince Imaging:

Quince Imaging is a premier image display, content delivery, video production technology and services company for live events and permanent installations. Emerged from an increasingly crowded market of event services and AV companies, Quince is a leader in knowledge and a champion of quality – especially in the area of high-resolution graphic development and blended-image widescreen projection. Quince is the “Big Room”, “Big Event” provider with a reputation for delivering the highest quality services. Collaborating with clients at event design inception, Quince Imaging brings creativity, technical and process management expertise and a single-minded sense of dedication into meeting the client’s needs and goals.