PRG Added to LDInstitute On The Road In December 2013 Control Freak technical designer Dirk Sanders used the MBox Extreme on Bon Jovi's Because We Can Tour; Photo Ryan MastMeteor Tower ©2013

PRG Added to LDInstitute On The Road In December 2013


Get your hands on PRG's MBox and V676 console and learn to use some pretty hot technology!

Two cutting-edge PRG technology courses have been added to the LDInstitute On The Road on December 11 and 12, 2013 as follows, offering the chance for hands-on, immersive training on the MBox media server and V676 lighting console, both of which are used on some of the most exciting live events around the world.

PRG Institute
December 11 & 12
9111 Sunland Blvd
Sun Valley, CA

December 11
MBox Media Server Training
$195 lunch included
Class limit: 12

A one-day class on all things Mbox, beginning with setup of the server and theory of operation, participants will explore how to use Mbox effectively for live video presentation. Participants will learn how to use Mbox Director to control the Mbox server, and use of a control console will be discussed. Topics will include (but are not limited to): 2D & 3D content, the Mbox Extreme IO Module, Pixelmapping, Mbox Remote, Mbox Director, Content Management, Pixel Remapping.

Taught by: Matt Corke, PRG

Click here to register.

December 12
V676 Lighting Console Training
$195 lunch included
Class Limit: 10 (2 per console)

One day training of the V676 Lighting console will consist of these topics and more.
• An overview of the V676 console hardware layout and navigation.
• Patching, Palette/Preset Creation: The building blocks
• Cue creation, cue playback, the various methods of cue editing/merging
• Submaster modes and behavior
• Programming dynamic motion
• Using Effects and Dynamics
• Networking, Multi-User and Full Tracking Back-up
• You will also learn about the family of VX76 control consoles from PRG: V676, V476, V276 control consoles.

Taught by Tom Celner, PRG

Click here to register.

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