Platige Images Produced Trailer For Sharkmob’s Upcoming Video Game Exoborne

Platige Image, the leading production and animation studio specializing in CGI, has developed the trailer for the upcoming PC and console game Exoborne. The Polish studio was also responsible for producing another high-powered trailer unveiled at the 2023 Game Awards gala in Los Angeles.

Exoborne is the upcoming tactical open world extraction shooter developed by Sharkmob, and published by Level Infinite.

The Platige Image team began working on the trailer early on during the game’s production cycle. “The fact that we could participate in the project from the very beginning was fascinating, but also full of challenges due to the pace of work. Our efforts produced a dynamic, 90-second-long full-CGI trailer, full of twists and surprising shots,” says Bartłomiej Kik, director and author of the script.

“The announcement trailer we created is packed with spectacular effects. Video game fans, as well as computer graphics enthusiasts, will definitely enjoy the stunning shot with the bus crash and the animation of the Exo Rig parts. The scene that takes the viewer along the protagonist into a raging tornado is likewise sure to make a lasting impression. We also ought to note that the work on this particular segment featured Polish stunt professionals, recorded in our in-house motion capture studio,” says Konrad Kiełczykowski, CG Supervisor.

At Platige, the project was helmed by Aleksandra Solarz – Producer, Bartłomiej Kik – Director, and Konrad Kiełczykowski – CG Supervisor. Sound engineering was handled by Soundly by Platige.

Platige Image is a world-renowned production and postproduction studio specializing in computer-generated visuals, 3D animation, and visual effects, used across the film, entertainment, and advertising industries. The company is known for producing breathtaking video game trailers, often premiering at prestigious international industry events, such as Gamescom or The Game Awards.