Pittman Media Group Delivers Unrivaled Audio Clarity Using EAW

DALLAS, TX – As a leading live events, systems integration and production company, Pittman Media Group is committed to going above and beyond to provide its clients with high-quality, reliable AV production solutions. To deliver pristine, crystal-clear audio—whether it be for a small, intimate gathering or large-scale events—the team at Pittman Media Group has come to rely on a selection of products from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®).

For Pittman Media Group President and Owner Zack Pittman, the decision to use EAW was an easy one. “We first began looking to invest in EAW back in 2018 and were immediately impressed,” he says. “EAW has always been focused on making really good sound. The ease of use of EAW’s gear is second to none, and we were excited to add them to our inventory.”

Pittman Media Group currently has 24 NTX Series dual 10-inch powered line array loudspeakers, 12 SBX dual 18-inch high-output subwoofers and multiple RSX Series self-powered point source speakers in stock for its clients’ projects.

“I love that our EAW gear is active powered,” adds Pittman. “Having Dante as well as DSPs built into the box without adding much more weight per box was incredibly appealing. The same goes for having amplification built into it without needing to worry about heavy speaker wire going up to the truss. Our EAW gear simplifies setup time and it also sounds great. The ability to easily zone delay is also fantastic.”

Another selling point for Pittman Media Group was the flexibility of EAW’s speakers. According to Chad Clark, Pittman Media Group Sales and Client Relations, “one of the reasons we invested in the NTX boxes was their ability to adapt to our various needs. The fact that the NTX boxes are big enough to handle a decent sized musical act, but at the same time small, light and sleek enough for our corporate events, was a big selling point. With the EAW NTX 210L boxes, we can do an NHL arena and turn around and do a ballroom at the same time. It’s the fantastic sound combined with that kind of versatility that makes EAW a winner.”

EAW’s NTX Series offers large format performance in a compact and efficient- to-deploy system, helping designers satisfy clients.  Each array module wirelessly communicates with other modules above and below it via IR sensors, reducing setup time and the potential for errors while maximizing performance. Similarly, the RSX Series makes setup and design straightforward by coupling unique and intelligent features with intuitive performance. Compatible with both speaker options is EAW’s SBX Series Subwoofer, which was engineered for a range of events from small gigs to large concert systems. 

Pittman Media Groups’ fondness for EAW’s speakers is echoed by their clients. On a recent site survey to Concord Church in Dallas, church production staff sang the praise of EAW as well. “They love their EAW QX series speakers that are installed at their beautiful house of worship,” adds Pittman. “It took very little tuning and processing to get the incredible EAW sound we have come to expect. They are really pleased with the sound of it. In fact, so happy, they like the sound of their EAW QX500 point source outfills better than their existing custom non-EAW line array. For Pittman, that’s another testament to EAW’s high quality sound.”