Penn Elcom's CROSS 5 Crosses the Line


CROSS 5 is the latest in a brand new range of high-performance cable protection ‘crossover’ products launched by Penn Elcom this year … a super-tough, durable, fire-retardant, aesthetically pleasing and infinitely useful piece of kit for any festival, concert and show, event or exhibition environment – indoors or outdoors!

It can be used for any temporary installation or working environment where safe ground-based cable protection is required.

CROSS 5 is manufactured from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), chosen for its recyclability, and has been developed to provide a five-channel cable protector with unrivalled strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility. It is also fire retardant to DIN EN 13501-1.

Serious weight capacity ensures that all types of vehicles – including a standard 44 tonne artic - can safely drive over CROSS 5.

The Penn Elcom Cross system is made from two elements – the base section and the ramp.

The base section acts as a connector piece from which numerous variations and combinations of crossover can be created. The ramp section features a 15 degree angle of inclination which is the optimum for vehicles driving over it.

Key features include being tear-proof, stable and resistant to most chemicals, fats and oils and other liquids that can be potential slip-hazards.

The lids on the drive-over sections are fixed, and anti-skid pads are available for the hexagonal base.

The hinged lids can be supplied in striking hi-visibility orange or smart black to blend in with the base sections, offering solutions for many different scenarios.

There are a number of possible CROSS 5 combinations for enhanced versatility: A base station with two ramp sections either side; three base stations connected width-ways with two ramp sections attached either side; one line of base stations with ramp sections attached to one side / either side; two lines of base station – to create 120 channels – of whatever length, complete with ramp sections attached either side … or the CROSS 5 can be cut into two using a compass saw … which allows even more crossover structures and configurations.

The connectors attach to the sides rather than at the end, so they maintain full contact for the full length for additional strength and an extremely robust structure.

The possibilities are endless, whether the requirement is for 5, 10, 15 or 100 or more cable path crossovers.

Each of the five CROSS 5 cable channels are 37 centimetres wide, so ideal for accommodating multicores, mains, all types of data, TRS, fibre, copper, etc.

The first product in the new Cross series, Cross 3 was launched at the start of the year and has been very successful, so Penn expect a similar scenario with CROSS 5 and other subsequent Cross products.

“With health and safety being paramount at every event, there is a demand for high quality, well-priced technical solutions like Cross in all sectors, “concludes Penn Elcom’s commercial director Rob Platt.

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