Penn Elcom Launches New VulcanTM Shockmount Chassis

Penn Elcom Vulcan Chassis - Cutaway-square.jpg

The VulcanTM Shockmount Chassis is another ingenious new technically enhanced 19-inch rack mount product launched by global flightcase hardware specialists Penn Elcom … that gives affordable military grade (ANSI accredited to MIL STD 810G) protection against impact, shock and vibration.

This is ideal for the secure housing and transportation of a diversity of sound, lighting, AV and IT equipment.

A basic Vulcan rack can be assembled in just 6 minutes … and due to the incredibly pragmatic design, the units are available in a super easy-to-assemble flat-pack format! This saves vital storage space for customers and re-sellers wanting to keep stock, who no longer need to purchase bulky pre-assembled frames!

The unique patented Vulcan design utilises hollow triangular sections of high tensile tempered aluminium alloy, bringing an amazing strength-to-weight ratio to any size of chassis.

A 6U rack, for example, weighs just 3kg, and 2U to 18U kit sizes are available with no loss of strength.

Tested to Penn Elcom’s truly industrial parameters, and engineered to the brand’s robust and exacting standards, the Vulcan chassis will keep its contents safe from drops, shaking and impact during transportation or storage.

Delicate and sensitive devices including servers, processors and other networking elements can be added with confidence to Vulcan rack enclosures without having to upgrade to heavier and more expensive steel chassis.

Touring with Vulcan is a highly practical option – e.g. when amp racks or power distribution kit must be flown to save space, and other portable scenarios.

Overall freighting costs can be reduced by utilising Vulcan racks in system designs or custom projects, and there is also an ecological consideration … in the fact that every little bit of weight saved makes a difference.

This innovative product can potentially benefit any areas of the entertainment and professional AV industry that involve touring equipment, and all events where there is constant and growing pressure to increase the overall carbon-consciousness.

Building a Vulcan rack is quick and easy using Penn’s logical and straightforward slide-and-lock technique.

The rack components are precisely machined to slide and lock into place perfectly each time with no forcing, banging, swearing or frustration necessary. Strategically located cage nuts enable the swift line-up of fixing screws, and the rails are accurately machined to effortlessly clamp the 19-inch panels safely in place.

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