Penn Elcom Launches Cross 3

Cross 3 cable protection

Cross 3 is a brand new ground-breaking, high-performance cable protection product launched by Penn Elcom, which is tough, durable, fire-retardant, aesthetically pleasing and infinitely useful for any festival, concert, show, event or exhibition environment – indoors or outdoors!

Cross 3, the first product in this new series … was revealed to the public earlier this week at the CUE 2018 expo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a biennial trade show for events, installation and entertainment technology … where it was extremely well received.

Cross 3 is a three channel ‘crossover’ product manufactured from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), chosen for its strength, high resistance to abrasion, flexibility and recyclability.

Serious weight capacity ensures that all type of vehicles – including a standard 44 tonne artic - can safely drive over Cross 3! 

This also includes vans, cars, bikes, forklifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, mobile cranes and other mechanical handling devices, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, golf buggies and a wide selection of tracked and wheeled site vehicles  … that’s virtually everything on wheels, plus, naturally humans and animals … keeping crew, artists, the public and equipment safe.

All elements of the Cross 3 product – top and base - are fire retardant and compliant to DIN EN 13501-1.

Cross 3 offers a 110 cm (43.3 inches) as standard, so that’s over 10 cm more than other cable crossovers and a fantastic value-to-coverage ratio.

The sections are 29 cm wide (11.4 inches) with an unobtrusive low-profile height of 5.5 cm (2.2 inches). Multiple sections of Cross 3 can be neatly and robustly conjoined … using an innovative interlocking pin system.

The cover hinges open from the base for quick and easy access for laying cables over walkways, roads, pathways, arena floors, etc.

Each of the three Cross 3 cable channels has a 33 metre diameter, so ideal for accommodating multicores, mains, all types of data, TRS, fibre, copper etc.

These standard sections each weigh an expedient 7.5 Kgs (16.53 lbs), and the hinged lids can be supplied in a range of striking hi-visibility colours or smart black to blend in with the base sections, offering bespoke solutions for different applications.

Quick fit anti-slip / sliding pads are available for the hexagonal base structure to ensure it grips efficiently to multiple surfaces – from grass to trackway to concrete. These are attached via removable pins to assist quick and efficient assembly.

Custom logos can be applied to the top (visible) sides of the base for customisation and easy identification.

Penn Elcom has been developing Cross 3 over the last year based on extensive research and communication related to event industry demands for portable cable protection.

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