Penn Elcom Gets Hinged

Penn Elcom hinged frames

Penn Elcom launches an ingenious new range of Rear Hinged Frame (RHF) units, a hinged wall-mounting rack frame system which will enable all 88 of its existing wall mounted racking products … to become instantly more versatile and accessible.

Committed to creating imaginative solutions for all types of installation scenarios, Penn’s design team has delivered a perfect accessory for equipment fitted into even the tightest or most awkward spaces. Penn Elcom’s R6400-RHF turns wall mounting cabinets into double section hinged units which are now easily reachable from the rear thanks to the hinged frame.

All sort of wall mounted racks can now be hinged out for quick and straightforward maintenance, replacement of parts and cable management or swap-outs. Installers already love them as the hinges system is both easy to fit and makes getting into racks once in situ, infinitely better.

With practicality to the fore, racks – up to 18 units – can be attached to the RHF hinges off site or in another part of the venue or building and then lifted into place as a complete unit.

The brackets can hinge in either direction – left or right – by flipping the frame and are manufactured in the UK from toughened steel to Penn’s trademark rigorous, robust and highly durable standards.

The RFH hinges bolt effortlessly onto the wall via a neat, integral square holed rack rail and are ideal for high end installations where the requirement or available space can accommodate only one rack of kit on the wall running multiple AV, server and IT related devices.

The RHF units are available in black as standard, and any colour can be produced on request. They can also be retro-fitted into existing cabinet rooms and spaces.

Other features include an ‘easy-open-and-slam-shut’ system, key lock and heavy duty rings, so the rack can be loaded with up to 50Kgs (110 lbs) in weight. There is a 1U allowance for cable knockouts both top and bottom.

Penn is expecting a high demand for the RHF.

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