Pathway Connectivity Showcases SixEye Cloud-Based Remote Management

Pathway Connectivity and SixEye demo at USITT Stage Expo 2019

Calgary, AB — At the 2019 USITT Stage Expo in Louisville, KY, Pathway Connectivity launched a technology preview, demonstrating how their Ethernet products can be remotely managed through SixEye’s cloud-based technology. SixEye provides industry leading remote management of professional control devices by offering a platform that allows integrators to manage devices from multiple manufacturers and projects.

Sites such as museums, theme parks and architecture with SixEye enabled DMX-Ethernet gateways, VIA switches and Vignette lighting controllers can be configured, updated or triggered from anywhere offsite. A system is typically installed and is left running smoothly but if something changes on the network that needs attention, alerts are sent directly via SMS or email, providing diagnostic information. From there a systems integrator can quickly troubleshoot without needing to travel to the site. Information from the enabled devices can be accessed from anywhere over a safe and secure internet connection using industry-standard TLS. No VPN or firewall holes needed.

“Secure, remote management has been at the top of our customers’ wish list for years, but managing bespoke hardware in the field specific to the task and dealing with on-site IT professionals for custom firewall rules has always been a huge barrier to entry. SixEye’s software development kit allowed our developers to easily leverage all the hard work done in the backend so that we don’t have to deal with TLS, AWS, site databases or user permissions. Integrators will love what this offers in way of strengthening their relationships with their customers,” said Robert Bell, Pathway Connectivity’s Director of Product Marketing.

VIDEO: Introducing GDTF & MVR

Meet the open file format that’s revolutionizing entertainment industry workflows.

Together, GDTF and MVR are a free open standard file format that ensures lighting fixtures work the first time, every time. This non-proprietary data exchange keeps changes synchronized, whether it’s moving from CAD to console or from console back to CAD. Watch our video to learn more.

“We're delighted to welcome Pathway as a SixEye Connected Manufacturer. They were quick to embrace the SixEye concept of manufacturer-agnostic remote management for systems integrators and it was a pleasure to work with their team as we implemented support for their devices. Pathway is SixEye's second manufacturer partner so this technology preview was a great opportunity to test our ability to add support for a new manufacturer. We're looking forward to working with Pathway and their customers to enable remote management on new and existing projects,” said Simon Hicks, CEO, SixEye.

Pathway is committed to providing the latest technology to their customers and together with SixEye, they’re taking a new step towards providing Systems Integrators with something new - the convenience of remote management.

For questions about integrating your systems with SixEye cloud based technology, please contact [email protected] 


About Pathway Connectivity; Based out of Calgary, CANADA, Pathway Connectivity is a leading manufacturer of entertainment lighting data distribution, networking and control products. Products include the award winning Pathport® DMX Management System and Vignette lighting control. Advances in the entertainment lighting industry are creating a whole new connected world. Pathway is at the forefront, providing ways to integrate these powerful developments into entertainment and architectural lighting. For more information visit

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