Orange DOES the New Black - Black Drapes That Is!

ATOMIC's Trax SuperZipper black drape

ATOMIC, a creative company providing rental solutions, set construction, design and production services for the live event industry, announces three new products, a trio of black masking and show drapes, Blax, Stax and Trax. Blax, a revolutionized masking drape, is accompanied by Stax and Trax, both show drapes joining the patented SuperZipper product line.

The ATOMIC team knew it was time to improve a classic and Blax masking drapes do just that. At 20’ H by 12’ W, the Blax drapes are 70% lighter than standard issue velour drapes. Blax are sewn with a mock fullness, immediately adding formality and texture. Sure the Blax can disappear into the background like any black drape but they can also sizzle with front and up lighting.

All three black soft goods are able to be stuffed in a bag, no folding required, and are non-absorbent and inherently flame retardant (IFR). But wait, there’s more…all of these drapes feature webbing, grommets, ties and pipe pockets in one drape. This allows for a simple, easy install and an even faster load out. 

Stax and Trax give a nod to the dark side with all the same features as Blax but are part of the newly patented SuperZipper product line. At 30’ H x 5’ wide, designers can mix and match with other SuperZipper products and choose their own width. Lightweight and durable, Stax and Trax will add class and style to any show. Call today to discuss your next show with our Account Managers and Designers, 717-626-8301. Watch the new products in action!


Headquartered in Lititz, PA, ATOMIC is a creative company in the business of live events and environments for entertainment and brand communication. ATOMIC has a diverse collection of creatives providing set construction, rental solutions, design and production services to clients across the globe. Established in 1994, ATOMIC is rooted in the rock & roll industry, one of the original companies in Lititz, PA known as the Rock Lititz Community. ATOMIC serves clients from television networks to global brands to designers and artists. ATOMIC drives each project forward. No Surprises. Unique Results. For more information on ATOMIC please visit

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