Obsidian Control Systems announces release of ONYX 4.4 featuring creative DYLOS™ pixel composer


Obsidian Control Systems is pleased to announce release of ONYX 4.4 lighting control software, which fully integrates Obsidian’s intuitive and artistic DYLOS™ pixel composer, opening up new possibilities for the creative designer. Integration of DYLOS into the ONYX platform brings an innovative toolset of media composition, effects, content and text generators, along with a large variety of parameter manipulation, right into the core of any ONYX console or PC system.

Create new ideas
Creative control with DYLOS is truly limitless, offering the designer an incredibly diverse tool set to support the performance with organic color compositions and animations. DYLOS enhances the design process and encourages playful experimentation rather than an overly technical and uninspiring approach of numbers and values. DYLOS is fun to use and easy to navigate, allowing the designer to focus on the creative process.

Power and performance 
Based on a full 3D environment and powerful DirectX graphics processing, the DYLOS engine has been designed from the ground up for power and performance to manage tens of thousands of fixtures and parameters with ease. The DYLOS workflow is natural and follows the same well-known access to any regular stage light programmed with ONYX. Available any time dynamic control of colors and intensity is required, DYLOS is natively integrated into the operation of the console, offering seamless programming and playback through its optimized user interface of live previews, thumbnails, library and FX browsers and dynamic parameter control. 

Free content package / unrestricted trial
As part of this exciting launch, Obsidian Control Systems is offering all users of DYLOS a carefully curated content package with over 1100 media files in many categories. Optimized for the DYLOS engine, it allows users to immerse themselves in the system for immediate results. In addition to this large media collection, any custom user content can be imported at any time in almost any codec and size. Content is always optimized by DYLOS for perfect replay and instant access. 

An unrestricted trial version of two DYLOS Zones and up to four Universes of DMX is enabled automatically for any ONYX PC installation and is a great way to experience the power of DYLOS in combination with the free content package. PC systems can be easily unlocked through the plug-and-play ONYX KEY, instantly expanding ONYX to 128 Universes.

ONYX 4.4 is compatible with all ONYX NX4 and NX2 consoles, all ONYX PC systems and the M1HD and M2GOHD M-Series controllers. A variety of USB devices like the NX-Touch or NX-DMX are supported to customize and tailor the ONYX experience to any application. 

ONYX 4.4 featuring the new DYLOS engine and the DYLOS factory content package are available for immediate download at https://obsidiancontrol.com/dylos  

About Obsidian Control Systems
Obsidian Control Systems is an accessible line of advanced yet intuitive lighting control products for professionals. Refined by passion, Obsidian Control Systems combines over 25 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures. Obsidian lighting control software and hardware is easy to use and accessible to every level of user, whether a novice programmer or a designer at the highest level. All Obsidian lighting control systems run innovative ONYX™ lighting control software, a powerful yet easy-to-learn lighting control platform designed for both hardware consoles and PC systems. Obsidian Control Systems products are distributed exclusively by Elation Professional worldwide and are available in various sizes to accommodate any scale and budget. Visit the Obsidian Control Systems website at www.obsidiancontrol.com to learn more.

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