Notch Adds Real-time Ray Tracing In New Release


Notch, the real-time tool for interactive motion graphics, has today released a new version which includes ray tracing, Substance Designer integration and 400+ additional new features and updates. Powered by real-time rendering, Notch which was used extensively on all five of the top 5 stadium tours of 2018 empowers creators and industry professionals to reach their creative potential while working in real-time.

Introducing Ray Tracing

Notch Builder 0.9.22 introduces real-time ray tracing, which allows for even higher quality rendering, featuring realistic light, shadows and reflections, both in real-time and video export use.

Ray tracing in Notch is modular, so users can add it to existing projects and turn on select features at will. Instead of replacing the existing renderer and settings, ray tracing adds to it and works the way artists have come to expect.

High-performance Video Codec

The new NotchLC codec is developed specifically for VFX. This release includes plugins for Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects and Premiere, making it straightforward to use.

NotchLC works to bring together the best of a number of worlds; high structural integrity in detailed images (rivalling ProRes 4444) and 12bit luma accuracy provide the quality needed for an intermediary codec. NotchLC offers lightning-fast GPU encoding (9x faster than HAP) and decoding, making it a best-in-class media server playback codec, capable of playing back 24 simultaneous streams of 4K (30 FPS) video.

Substance Designer integration

A highly requested feature is integration with Substance Designer by Adobe, the industry standard 3D texturing suite. Users can now use advanced materials designed in Substance Designer inside of Notch directly, without breaking the creative flow. With this new integration, any exposed property on a Substance SBSAR material can be edited in real time, opening up a new world of creative possibilities for artists.

Made with Notch – Muse World Tour and The Voice Finale 2019

Features from the new release are already being used by Silent Partners Studio in stadiums across Europe on Muse’s 2019 Simulation Theory World Tour and international live broadcast performances, including The Voice Finale 2019.

J.T. Rooney, Screen Producer at Silent Partners Studio, said, “Notch has become an integral part of the Muse tour, with much of the 3D and motion graphics content being created inside Notch, as well as the live video effects for the camera feeds from the performers and band throughout the show. Similarly, for The Voice Finale in Los Angeles, the same effects on the pre-rendered content seen via in-house screens were also brought onto the broadcast feed creating a mix of live effects on the performers, lights, staging and on screen.”

Rooney continued, “Notch has found a way into our workflow in a number of different ways. The speed and flexibility of real-time rendering have allowed us to iterate concepts and ideas in a much quicker fashion. Even in one of our most recent large resolution shows, Notch was nearly the only option to realistically render some scenes without going to remote render facilities. This software update represents another big step forward in Notch evolving into a reputable and well-oiled machine for content creation, listening to users' requests and needs and adding new innovations.”

Matt Swoboda, founder of Notch, commented: “Every software release is a mix of response to the needs of the user community and internally led innovations. This release is no different. Items like Unicode support reflect the increasingly international reach of the Notch user base and the first chapter of ray tracing demonstrates the fruits of R&D taking place within the team. It’s all about enablement for artists and designers.”

On June 6th, a full list of software updates can be found on the Notch website. You can also get more information from a series of Notch blog posts, which further explains some of the key features in the new release.

NotchLC has been independently quality tested and verified by dandelion + burdock, a highly recognized design and technology company. Tests conducted on Windows 10, Intel Xeon processor, SSD storage and NVIDIA 2080 Ti graphics card.

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