New Game+ Launches Odyssey For Spatially Immersive And Engaging Virtual Events

Seattle, WA: New Game+ announced today the launch of their virtual event platform Odyssey. With the proliferation of virtual events over the past year, companies have grappled with a need to maintain the larger reach that their digital offerings provide while returning to the immersive and interactive environments of in-person experiences. Odyssey is poised to be the preferred virtual event tool for organizations as it preserves a company’s digital audience while offering the same features and interactions of an in-person event. “Currently, attendees of virtual events cannot be present with each other in the way they would be in person,” states Reid SantaBarbara, CEO, New Game+. Odyssey offers a variety of brandable interactive spaces that are ideal for any company event - from exhibits to social mixers, Odyssey allows companies to create the same experience digitally as they create in-person. From fluid movement through conversations, to interactive and engaging digital elements, to the spatial immersion of high visual fidelity avatars and environments, Odyssey creates wholly unified digital events. “Odyssey improves virtual communication by allowing professionals to immerse in a 3D native world where they can collaborate and be immersed without the need of high-end hardware, in an environment that is tuned for business,” states Reid SantaBarbara. “To do this, we are starting by helping enterprise teams and their customers have engaging virtual events.” Adding to this, Maxime Long, CTO, New Game+, states “[what]
really excites me about Odyssey is how we've been able to leverage the Unreal Engine to not only deliver industry-leading graphics for true spatial immersion, but also that we are one of the first teams in the world to utilize [Unreal Engine’s] Pixel Streaming technology to deliver Odyssey’s incredible graphics to a user's device through just an internet connection.” Odyssey is presently available for use by meeting and event planners looking to create virtual event experiences that engage, educate, and entertain.

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