MT Cases Incorporates UV-C Light Technology into Protective Cases

MT Road Case with UV-C Sterilization Technology
(JPM Photography) MT Cases' CK Case Series Workbox Utilizing UV-C Sterilization

[Wood Dale, IL, June 25, 2020] - MT Cases is proud to announce the new, patent-pending, CK Case Series. The CK Case Series incorporates UV-C light technology to disinfect air and surfaces from a wide range of harmful microorganisms.

General Manager Tom Heslin shares, "We are solutions manufacturers. MT is known for our durable road cases, of which we have a patent on our corner construction. While our cases are useful in every industry imaginable, most of our clients are in the entertainment and touring world. With the coronavirus pandemic placing a hold on the industry, we started dabbling in ways to help ease the transition back into a semi-normal life."

Each CK case will include STER-L-RAY® germicidal lamps. These shortwave, low pressure mercury tubes emit ultraviolet wavelengths in the region proven to be most lethal to viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi. The first case in the series, the WB2724 utilizes a 30 watt preheat fixture and features a highly reflective interior, an adjustable timer, and an exterior recessed electrical outlet for easy powering on the road. For protective measures, the workbox has a safety cut-off switch which is triggered when the door opens. The workbox can be ordered with fixed, adjustable, and/or removable steel wire shelving.

Heslin continues, "As part of the CK Case Series, we are building several case models in different sizes and configurations, including both road cases and Pelican cases. The smaller Pelican cases will be great for touring artists. After sanitization, they can take their in-ear monitors, microphones, and any other accessories directly out of the case [without anyone else touching it] and head on stage. The larger road cases will benefit all industries. For example, audiovisual production companies will be able to sterilize many headsets and microphones in just a small handful of minutes in between corporate meeting sessions, while sporting tournaments can disinfect the balls and other gear, and schools can place keyboards and mice or even pencils in their CK case between classes. We are excited to help our entertainment, local and other communities fight COVID-19 and other germs in whatever way we can. We also started producing face shields with our laser cutter."

According to Signify, researchers at the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University have had success eradicating 99.9999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with UV-C light using 22mJ/cm2 dose for 25 seconds. The exact time required to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in our case volume is being determined. The WB2724 can eradicate influenza, Coxsackie A2, Diptheriae, Legionnaires’ disease and Tuberculosis in under four minutes.

About MT Cases
MT Cases manufactures quality equipment storage and transport solutions. MT understands how important it is to protect your gear. We focus on the design, source the best materials, and add our high-level of craftsmanship to each case. Each MT case is built for the rigors of the entertainment touring industries using our patented durable case construction that lasts. From shock-mount racks to protect your most delicate electronics to custom workboxes to organize your work and tools to trunks that can move anything and everything, we’ve got you covered. For more information, contact MT Cases at: (630) 227-1019, [email protected],

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