Metric Halo's Award-Winning 3d Technology Presented at Winter NAMM 2020


ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA: With deep training in both music and physics, brothers B.J. and Joe Buchalter founded Metric Halo over twenty years ago by creating ingenious solutions to the problems faced by audio engineers in the digital age. Adherents to the honorable business practice (and now we’ve come to learn environmental practice) of creating and supporting products that last a lifetime, Metric Halo engineers its audio interfaces to accept periodic hardware upgrades to keep current with computer technology and connectivity.

The latest upgrade – “3d” – is a game-changer and has earned Metric Halo its fourth TEC Award nomination, this time for the ULN-8 3d interface. Metric Halo will provide demos of the new 3d technology (highlights below) as well as Metric Halo Production Bundle plug-ins and SpectraFoo sound analysis software at NAMM 2020, January 16-19, Booth #14009. Users may be especially interested to see demonstrations of the never-before-seen 3d playback engine for the record panel and new standalone operation support on 3d devices.

Metric Halo’s 3d technology replaces all of the digital, computer interfacing and clock technology on every Metric Halo interface (including 2882s built in 2001!) once again making good on Metric Halo’s “money where its mouth is” futureproof guarantee. With 3d, users can use new MH Link and Satellite Computer Port technologies to build massive multi-box, zero-latency tracking systems (up to 128 channels at 192kHz). It upgrades the software environment to the 64-bit MIOConsole3d and gives all users full access to even more powerful onboard DSP and plug-ins. New MH EdgeBus card slots and modules let users customize their interfaces to the specific digital connectivity they require (e.g. ADAT, SPDIF, AES, MADI, MIDI). With 3d, computer connections are handled by either MHLink (Ethernet) or USB-C technology. These are just the highlights of Metric Halo 3d. Vastly more information is available at

“A lot of people have been waiting for 3d to build out huge multi-channel recording systems (both studios & live) with Metric Halo interfaces, and we’re really proud to deliver on our promise in a way that is rock-solid, robust and stable,” B.J. Buchalter said. “The sound quality and workflow are the best of the best, and we’re grateful that our revolutionary technology and futureproof approach has been acknowledged with another TEC Award nomination!”

Metric Halo’s futureproof approach not only protects its users’ investments, it minimizes e-waste and provides a model for a more sustainable “circular” economy in which companies take responsibility not just for the production of products, but for their full lifecycle as well.

Metric Halo earned a Best of Show from Mix Magazine after editors/reviewers Mike Levine, Steve La Cerra, and Barry Rudolph walked the floor at AES 2019 in October selecting products that stood out for their vision and practicality. The more formal TEC Award nomination is specifically for the Metric Halo ULN-8 3d, the company’s flagship interface and the standard-bearer for the new 3d technology.

Buchalter concluded, “The development of our 3d technology has been a labor of love for many years – we even skipped a few trade shows while we were focused on not just building the functionality we wanted going forward, but building the kind of rock-solid reliability and extensibility that audio professionals require and that Metric Halo is famous for.”

ABOUT METRIC HALO Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.


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