Mental Health Action Day Webcast With Behind The Scenes and Live Design

Join Lori Rubinstein, executive director of Behind The Scenes, and Taryn Longo, founder of The Mastery Studio and a somatic trauma therapist, for a free webcast in association with National Mental Health Action Day, Thursday, May 20 at 11am Eastern.

The time of COVID-19 has been difficult for many people, and this webcast provides important tools and resources for mental and emotional well-being developed by the BTS Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative: 

  • Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder 
  • Be Scene-Be Heard peer-to-peer chat app 
  • Anonymous online self-assessments
  • Easy to navigate resources, information and tools to help fight bullying and harassment 
  • Sample language on mental health and respectful workplaces for toolbox talks
  • Virtual Mental Health First Aid Training 
  • Information on the warning signs of suicide and the steps you can take to help keep someone safe
  • How trauma affects the nervous system 

Join this important webcast as Behind The Scenes and Live Design join hundreds of organizations to support the inaugural Mental Health Action Day.

Register here to reserve your spot for this free, and very important, webcast.