Matt Blake Wins ChamSys Programmers Competition

ChamSys Programmers Competition

LAS VEGAS – “We were blown away by his incredible work!” So declared the panel of judges in a statement announcing that Matt Blake had won the ChamSys Programmers Contest. Anyone who saw the London-based programmer’s entry in the contest, with its lights pulsating to the driving rhythm of his song selection, would readily agree with this assessment.

“Matt made excellent use of the different fixtures on the lighting rig, created lots of different visual effects some static, some moving and made the most of ChamSys powerful control abilities to create a stunning show,” said Chris Kennedy, Director of ChamSys Ltd “This is all the more amazing since it was created without access to the real fixtures, only using ChamSys MagicVis.’

For his efforts Blake earned a free MagicQ MQ70 Console, the latest offering in the compact console range from ChamSys. Small enough to comply with the carry on restrictions of all airlines, including budget carriers, the MagicQ MQ70 features a 10.1” Multi touch display, with illuminated encoder and fader tracks. The console supports 24 universes with an option to expand to 48, and has three network ports enabling ArtNet and sACN direct from the console.

To be eligible to win this console, Blake and the other contestants had to program lights for a 1-3 minute song of their choice using MagicQ with MagicVis Visualization. They then had to submit a screen capture of their entry to ChamSys.

Also earning recognition for their efforts were the first two runners up: Cody Atwell of Jacksonville, FL and Brian LaPoint of New York City, both of whom also programmed eye-melting shows. Selecting the three finalists from the pool of entries they received wasn’t easy according to the Judges. However, the experience left everyone at ChamSys with a very positive feeling, knowing that their products are unleashing so much lighting creativity across the globe. That indeed was a ‘prize’ enough for them!

Check out the show from ChamSys Programmers Competition winner Matt Blake.

About ChamSys
Based in the UK, ChamSys Ltd. was founded in 2003 by a group of designers and product developers seeking to create a lighting console that offered greater flexibility.  The company’s MagicQ range has set an industry standard used in some of the most prominent concert, theatre, broadcast and club applications around the world.  ChamSys was acquired in 2017 by Chauvet & Sons LLC, a leading global provider of professional luminaires, trusses, controllers and related equipment headquartered in the USA. For more information, visit

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