Martin Audio WPL’s Season-Long Deployment In Russian Eco Park


A&T Trade and Music Trade have deployed Martin Audio’s premier WPL PA on the main stage of the Zolotoy Gorod eco park—one of the largest country parks in Russia and located near the city of Tula.

The park operates all year round and receives guests from all over the world. Music Trade, A&T Trade’s Tula-based partner wanted to design a sound system that would serve artists all summer long.

The main stage of the Zolotoy Gorod presents a multi-genre line-up featuring artists for pop, folk, orchestra, rock, electronic and theatrical performances.

"We needed a universal speaker system that would sound great for any challenge,” stated Sergey Bobrov, owner of Music Trade.

The scalable resolution of WPL offers greatly improved coverage consistency and control compared to a standard line array and provides a flexible pathway to advanced array control.

Eco Park 2.jpg

The main PA comprises 10 Martin Audio WPL elements flown on each PA wing, with eight further WPC each side as outfills. A cardioid array of 12 SXH218 subwoofers stretched across the entire width of the stage provide low frequency support.

"With WPL we made the perfect choice and are delighted with the result," Bobrov confirmed. "We are also grateful to the engineers from A&T Trade for their comprehensive support in system design."

The season opened on June 1st with a series of retro music artists headlining that included Natascha Wright (ex La Bouche), Sheyla Bonnick of Boney M and Pupo.

The stage has been operating every Saturday since, and will run until September. It is expected to have received audiences of around 350,000 by the time the season ends.

“Projects like this highlight the true versatility of WPL,” said Martin Audio Managing Director, Dom Harter. “The Scalable Resolution of WPL will deliver consistent, even coverage across the whole audience area, and the classic Martin Audio sound will be beneficial to every genre of music. The main stage at Zolotoy Gorod eco park will be sounding good all summer long.”

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