Make A 60-Second Video For WeMakeEvents North America

(#WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART #ExtendPUA)

WeMakeEvents North America is asking people in the entertainment design and technology industry to create a no more than 60-second video (Instagram regular post max is 60 seconds). Tell your story and to humanize the impact that the loss of live events has had on you (and your family if applicable) by answering the questions below. This will help illustrate the overall plight of our industry, which has been shut since March and may not open fully for many months to come.

Post video to Facebook and Instagram using hashtags #WeMakeEvents #MyEventStory #RestartAct #RedAlertRESTART #ExtendPUA #Congress #Potus #Bipartisan #LiveEvents #nancypelosi #Concerts #Broadway @realdonaldtrump @speakerpelosi (limit to just the the first 4 hashtags for Facebook)

If you have the ability, please superimpose the following hashtags on your video #WeMakeEvents #MyEventStory #RedAlertRESTART #ExtendPUA 

Forward this to your friends and peers that have been affected by the elimination of most live events. 

Questions to answer in your video:

Your first name

You role(s)

How many years you have invested in your career (and or your business)

When was your last day of work (did your company close permanently)

How you’ve personally been affected by not being able to follow your passion (or your company closing)

What you miss most

How are you trying to navigate unemployment: How many jobs have you applied for?  Are you now under employed? Are you in need of Extended Unemployment Benefits that have kept you in limbo?

What your future holds

If you own your company how it has affected your company (how can you get a job when you are also trying to manage a company that has no revenue)

Mention the importance of Congress immediately passing Extended Unemployment Benefits and the Restart Act to help the unseen people of the Entertainment Industry. Mention the petition that the CEO of Starbucks has started at that is set to help bring attention to the issues. 

Example for illustration purposes (feel free to make your own)

Hi my name is ________________ and I’ve been ______________ in the _____________ industry for the last _____ years. My last day of work was on _________. While you do not know me, I consider what I do an important art. I have trained and invested ____ years of my life into my career. Since then I have (or have not due to being a 1099 employee) been able to collect unemployment which is a fraction of the income I’ve had to support my family. I have applied for ___ of jobs and spend ___ hours each day trying to find new work. My career has been my passion and the reason I get up each day. I support doing what is right for keeping everyone safe and understand the necessity of limiting gatherings for events (or productions), that said, I am personally devastated. I want to be here for you when events are ready to resume. I have sleepless nights worrying about providing for my family. I know that I am not the only one affected by Covid, there is no one to blame, but I need Congress and our elected officials to help now by passing Extended Unemployment Benefits and the Restart Act. You can help by sharing this message and signing the petition that the CEO of Starbucks has started at



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