ON LX Limited Releases Ctrl Suite v1.0

Following an extensive Early Access period, ON LX's venue integration platform Ctrl Suite has been released and is ready for sale.

The platform allows venue integrators to build user interfaces for non-technical end-users to control, giving them the ability to control the big picture effortlessly through multi-page user interfaces.

Interact with entertainment industry hardware i.e. media servers, lighting consoles audio mixers through intuitive interfaces as part of a building automation system, or allow Ctrl Suite to autonomously monitor devices and control devices without user input.

ON LX's James Walton adds:

We're thrilled to be releasing Ctrl Suite v1.0. We've added two new license tiers to diversify the platform for even more use cases and can't wait to see the platform expand to more locations.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone who's been using the platform on projects, provided feedback and helped shape it into the comprehensive processing and user interface creation tool it's become.

If you’re keen for an introduction to the platform get in touch with the ON LX Team.

Find out more about Ctrl Suite: