Live Design Launches Studio Live Design

Live Design Launches Studio Live Design

Penton Media today unveiled Studio Live Design, a member-based platform that provides end users involved in design and technology for live events with an integrated, multi-tiered approach to staying informed, increasing visibility, and interacting with peers.

The Studio concept incorporates all the touch points of the Live Design franchise—the LDI trade show, Live Design Master Classes, Live Design magazine, etc—providing members with a deeper dive into content, research, and community.

Studio Live Design membership includes:

• Discounts to the events produced by the Live Design franchise, including LDI, The Live Design Master Classes, The Envision Symposium, LDInstitute On The Road, etc
• Access to gated content on the Live Design website, including both edited and full-length videos culled from our various events
• A subscription to 12 issues of a new cutting-edge iPad-only version of Live Design magazine
• The ability to post and share your work with like-minded entertainment technology professionals on a new feature of the website called Designer Showcase
• Exclusive invitations to networking parties, salons, talks and other events throughout the year.

Studio Live Design offers three different levels of interaction: General Admission, free with very limited access to content and benefits; Backstage Pass, the first level of paid membership, with 10% discounts on events and basic access to gated content and Showcase; and All Access, which provides a deeply immersive experience in the live design universe with 20% off on events and the most access to Studio’s exclusive features.

“Studio Live Design was borne out of nearly a year of market research, digging deep into both the content consumption and workflow habits of our readers, users, and attendees, explains David Johnson, executive director, content. “We discovered that the 21st century designer and technician are wired in ways previously unimaginable. As early adopters of technology, they consume their content much differently than they used to less than five years ago, and in a wider variety of platforms. Training and education remains vital to their success and livelihoods, and while there are more opportunities for such training than ever before, there is often less time available to take advantage of it. And the market has no real platform that enables both aspiring and established designers and technicians to showcase their work and skills. All of these components and more are addressed with a membership in Studio.”

Information and registration is currently available at; a formal unveiling of this exciting new experience will occur at the LDI trade show November 22-24, 2013 in Las Vegas.

As part of this new launch, Live Design magazine will transition from a print-only product to an iPad-only edition. The November and December iPad editions of Live Design, will be free to anyone who downloads them; only members of Studio Live Design will be able to access the issues as of January. A test issue of the October edition is currently available on iTunes; the November issue will be downloadable the week of November 18.

Much more advanced than traditional “digital” editions currently out in the market, the i-Pad version of Live Design will be produced using the publishing industry’s hottest new platform, Mag +, used by publications such as New York Magazine, Popular Science, and more. “This new platform will allow us to take a much deeper dive into content, incorporating rich media, videos, photo galleries, audio, and more,” explains editor Marian Sandberg. The platform not only provides a far richer experience for the reader, it also provides analytics for advertisers so that ad engagement can be tracked and measured.

“We conducted a survey this year,” explains Johnson, “and found that 69% of the Live Design audience currently owns a tablet or e-reader, and another 50% of those who don’t will purchase one in the next year (with nearly all of them opting for iPads). Moving to a tablet gives members a far richer experience, and lets them access it anywhere they may be in the world.”

With this transition to digital, the Live Design franchise will be re-aligning its sales efforts. Kelly Turner and Ken Baird, who have done an amazing job of selling across the entire franchise, will now focus exclusively on events: LDI, Live Design Master Classes, and the Envision Symposium. Joanne Zola, a veteran of the audio market who spent many years at Mix and Remix magazines, has come on board as digital sales manager for the franchise, as well as handling strategic sales for the audio component of the market.

For more details on the components of Studio Live Design, check out Studio FAQs:

To become a member of Studio Live Design, click here.

For more information, contact David Johnson at 212-204-4272.

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