Lighting the 94th Academy Awards: Gear List & Credits

LDs Bob Dickinson and Noah Mitz led the team from Full Flood in lighting the Oscars, broadcast live from The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on ABC on Sunday, March 27, 2022. The show looked especially elegant this year, with scenic designer David Korin's crystal-studded set and the feel of a supper club with tables on a stage that extended out into the audience with decks from All Access.

Full Flood shared the gear list and lighting crew credits, and please stay tune for light plots and interviews on the new technologies used this year as Hollywood celebrates the movies.

Lighting gear list:

118 Vari-Lite VL5 Tungsten 

34  Vari-Lite VL2402 Wash

47 Vari-Lite VL3500 Profile

 4 Vari-Lite VL2600 Ground Control

248 Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile

12  Vari-LiteVL4000 Beam Wash

5  PRG Best Boy Ground Control

116 - Ayrton Diablo 

34 GLP Impression X4 Bar 20 

32 Color Force II 12”

14 Color Force II 48”

12 Color Force II 72”

76GLP X4 Atom 

12 TMB Solaris Flare

5  SkyPanel s60C

24 Martin 1m Sceptron 

18x Martin VDO Dotron

24  ETC Source Four Series 3 Daylight

398 ETC Source Four 750w 

28  Arri 300w Fresnel

52  Arri 650w Fresnel

74  ETC Source Four PAR

84 ETC Source Four Mini

104 Par 20 Birdie

63 Astera Ax3 with Dome Diffuser

12x Astera Helios Tube 

3 Strong Super Trouper Long Throw 

4 DF-50

2  MDG Atmosphere

Over one mile of of SBS Lighting RGBW Tape 

250’ of SBS Lighting WW/CW LED Tape

200’ of SBS Lighting RGB Pixel Strands

100’ of SBS Lighting RGB Pixel Tape

2x - PRG 676 Console

2x - ETC EOS Ti Console

Lighting Crew

Lighting Designers: Robert Dickinson, Noah Mitz 

Lighting Directors: Michael Berger, Patrick Boozer, Andy O’Reily

Asst. Lighting Directors: Jeff Behm, Jasmine Lesane 

Lighting Asst: Hannah Kerman

Gaffer: Alen Sisul

Best Boy: Dennis Sisul

PRG Chief Lighting Technician : James Beaghan

PRG Lighting Technicians: Daniel Villa, Justin Colbert, Miguel Hernandez

PRG Project Managers, Tony Ward, Jeff Javier Travis Snyder

Folllowspots and Electrics Crew: IATSE Local 33