LightConverse Visualization Software Shines At LDI 2014

LDI 2014 provided the perfect setting for LIGHTCONVERSE to showcase its unique and unparalleled features with its release of version 56.

The ability to see your show in a highly realistic 360° virtual world was one of the highlights as a constant stream of visitors to the booth strapped on an Oculus DK2 virtual reality headset, stepping into an immersive experience that left them humming how LIGHTCONVERSE can be used as an undeniable way to bring clients onboard quickly, not to mention bringing an innovative new tool to the design process.

Also creating a buzz at the show was the LIGHTCONVERSE mirror feature which offers the ability to create beautiful mirrored surfaces - increasing the realism abilities to a whole other level.

Well known as the first 3D visualizer to offer automatic mapping edge blending via its patented process, 3D mapping enrichments for v56 included video zone output warping functions via a new LCWarp utility and higher quality blending via Ambient Occlusion for video zone output Flat and Equal modes.

Version 56 additionally adds new functions for fixtures, including precise 3D volume Focus calculations for beams and beam footprints, accurate Frost calculation covering the complete range of depth for LED modules, Gobo Edge abilities, Objective Mapping for Shapes (RGB rings, segments, etc.) and added Pixel Shift functions for High End’s Shapeshifter instrument.

Further announced at LDI was the LIGHTCONVERSE EDUCATIONAL SERVER, developed for educational institutions in order to provide students with a highly realistic learning environment for their studies.  By incorporating LIGHTCONVERSE in their curriculum, schools are able to cover a wide range of disciplines at a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment as the real-time visualization platform offers the ability to study lighting and video (including 3D projection mapping) in multiple fields, including theatre, TV, film, dance, opera, music & architectural.

In a continual effort over the years to shrink the gap between virtual and reality, LIGHTCONVERSE has steadily increased its feature set by delivering a dynamic array of capabilities in One Complete Platform, offering solutions for visualizing and integrating Multiple Show Disciplines - including Lighting, Video, 3D Mapping, Laser, Water Effects, Pyrotechnics, Moving Objects and Object Tracking - all within in a Photo-Realistic, Real-Time, 3D View.

Want to know more? Have a look at this LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform Video Trailer and v56 Highlight Reel and Visit or Contact Us at [email protected] (in the Americas and Australia, contact [email protected]).

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