LDI New Products: The Polar Vortex

Ultratec Special Effects is pleased to announce the launch of its latest snow machine, the Polar Vortex. The Polar Vortex is an LDI Best New Product Award Nominee in the Special Effects category. It has a 220V - 13 Amp industrial blower embodied by a one-piece, heavy-duty polymer plastic casing. While the machine is hidden backstage, the Polar Vortex uses a snow nozzle to disperse artificial snowflakes up to 50 feet. 

Check out this brand new award-nominated snowmaker at Ultratec Special Effects booth 543 at LDI2022

Two snow nozzles and two different socks are included, providing maximum user flexibility for creating artificial snowflakes. Once installed, the snow nozzle remains hidden in the scenery showering snow over the desired area. Additionally, the Polar Vortex can be utilized with Ultratec’s Swivel Bracket, maximizing the snow effect.

When not used, the hose and snow nozzles are stored under the top lid in a hidden compartment. In addition, the wheeled cart and integrated carry handles ensure the Polar Vortex is easy to move during load-in and load-out. 

The Polar Vortex has a five-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defect, provided Ultratec’s snow fluids are used exclusively.

“The Polar Vortex is unmatched in its capabilities. Its heavy-duty, polymer plastic casing provides maximum durability and makes the Polar Vortex ideal for outdoor use. The industrial blower ensures artificial snow is pushed over an extended distance,” said Adrian Segeren, president of Ultratec. “During operation, the Polar Vortex remains out of sight while the snow nozzle is hidden in the scenery. The artificial snow appears to come from nowhere, creating a magical winter scene.”

The Polar Vortex will begin shipping in December 2022 and will be available with 220v or 110v, depending on the user’s power requirements.

Download specs for The Polar Vortex here.
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