LDI New Product:  MA Lighting VPU Light

LDI New Product: MA Lighting VPU Light

The MA VPU light (Video Processing Unit) is a compact video control option with nearly the same performance as the MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic. Only 2RU in height, the MA VPU light features MA software and hardware designs along with a built-in screen that displays all essential status information. Additionally, all MA VPUs will now offer full-HD output (MA VPU plus MK2 supports six layers; MA VPU basic MK2 supports four layers; and MA VPU light supports two layers, which are rendered in parallel). All models have common features enabling videos, still images, and 3D objects to be scaled, positioned, tiled, colored, and manipulated directly from any grandMA2 console. It is the same process as controlling another fixture. The MA VPU just has to be added to the network session, with no additional parameters needed. MA Lighting products are distributed by A.C.T Lighting.

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