LDI New Product:  GLP Impression X4XL

LDI New Product: GLP Impression X4XL

The GLP impression X4 XL uses an array of 55 RGBW LEDs, each rated at 15W, coupled with a zoom range from 7°-50°. The optical system, originally designed for the GLP impression X4, gives a sharply defined beam with a hard edge in the lower zoom range while remaining homogenous and soft-edged at wider angles. This is all contained within the baseless design of the impression series. The output is a full RGBW color system with additional variable CTO control. Features also include an electronic strobe with variable speed, smooth full-range dimming, and 16-bit pan and tilt. The fixture has individually controllable LEDs allowing a range of patterns to be displayed on the front lenses, including arrows, numbers, letters, and more, either from stock patterns or user-generated.

TAGS: Lighting LDI
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