LDI New Product: Futurelight PLB-230

LDI New Product: Futurelight PLB-230

Powered by an Osram Sirius HRI 230W lamp, the PLB-230 is an automated luminaire that features 5° beam angle, 14 dichroic color filters plus white, a gobo wheel with eight rotating interchangeable gobos plus open, an effect wheel with rotating three and eight-facet prism and frost filters, pan-angle switchable between 630° and 540°, 16-bit pan and tilt movement, and an LED ring around the lens with 12 3W RGB LEDs. The unit has WDMX control and supports RDM. It can be set to 21, 23, or 24 DMX channels for control, or it can be set to run in standalone mode. Other features include gobo shake function, strobe effect with adjustable speed, random strobe effect, and dimming. The unit can be sound-controlled via a built-in microphone. Futurelight is distributed by Inner Circle Distribution.

TAGS: Lighting LDI
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