LDI New Product:  Coolux GMBH ID Tags

LDI New Product: Coolux GMBH ID Tags

The tags will make realtime tracking scenarios not only easier to set up, but also more reliable, more versatile, and more cost-effective, says the company. Interactive projections, camera automation, stage tracking, automated audio, and lighting control are some of the areas in which this new product will offer benefits. Each of the tags can be addressed with a unique ID, and up to 256 different unique IDs can be tracked within a single setup. One tag has two onboard LEDs and can have between one to three additional infrared LEDs attached to it. Tracking people or objects is achieved using a purely optical transmission system. The coin-sized ID Tags can be attached to set pieces, costumes, or any other kind of object. Button cell batteries or a micro USB port can be used for supplying electrical power.

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