LDI New Product: Cast Group WYSIWYG R31

LDI New Product: Cast Group WYSIWYG R31

Wysiwyg R31 delivers new features, enhancements, and library additions, many of which were directly requested by wysiwyg users. Among the list of additions are some visualization enhancements, including the new Material System in Shaded Views, allowing material properties to be applied on a per-element level to any object in the file, adding more realism to realtime visualization. The result is more screenshots and fewer renderings. There are also a number of new material properties including: Specular Level, Specular Gloss, Specular Color Source, and Light Reflection, delivering virtually real images to enhance the creative process. R31 includes the first phase of the Material System, with the second phase projected for completion in R32.

TAGS: Lighting LDI
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