LDI New Product: Avolites Tiger Touch II

LDI New Product: Avolites Tiger Touch II

A hybrid of accessibility, hands-on control, and using the touchscreen Titan V7 interface from Avolites, the Tiger Touch II supersedes the Tiger Touch Pro and original Tiger Touch. It features the Avo Quicksketch freehand drawing and labeling tool, 16 DMX universes from the console, support of Titan Net Processor, up to 64 universes, 100% brighter 15.6" touchscreen, faster graphics, SSD drives, and UPS. It also includes a front panel-loading USB and a layout similar to the full range, from the Titan Mobile to the Sapphire Touch. There are 20 submasters separately paged as two banks of 10 and 10 macro or executer buttons. Users can output up to 16 individual DMX universes directly from the console, and all 16 are available via Art-Net. The unit is small and light enough to fly in standard luggage. Avolites is distributed by Group One Ltd.

TAGS: Lighting LDI
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