KRATOS Gratis: Naostage Releases Free Download Of Tracking Software

Nantes (France) – Naostage has released its KRATOS software to the public as a free download, enabling all AV professionals to discover for themselves the power of the industry-first tracking and show control tool.

KRATOS serves as the central hub for Naostage’s K SYSTEM, the world’s first automatic beaconless 3D tracking solution, and allows users to manage automations and output  tracking data in real time to AV systems (sound, light, video and any third-party system).  Its multiple functionalities help users create fully automated and interactive live events and visitor attraction shows, as well as immersive spaces for the public.

In the software, users can design their own stage, set up zones to automate AV effects in sync with tracked targets, set up modules to send and receive target's position, send any other useful information and commands to third-party systems and script actions to automate the show.

“We want to place our solution directly into the hands of all AV enthusiasts, allowing them to experience the brilliant user interface of KRATOS and the interactions they can create with their own AV equipment,” says Alexis Reymond, sales manager for Naostage. “We believe releasing KRATOS for free will help introduce users to the possibilities offered by live tracking, and make them want to explore K SYSTEM further, which gives them access to the full power of real-time tracking.”

KRATOS can be synced with any third-party system, from lighting consoles to immersive audio processors, or used as a show control solution for video projection. The software stands as the centrepiece of an AV ecosystem, crucial for retrieving the real-time position data essential to designing interactive shows.

KRATOS is accessible to anyone with a computer that runs Windows 10 or later, MacOS 11.0 or later and Linux. The software is well-suited for using at training institutes, specialising in immersive sound and visual experiences, as well as for distributors looking to demonstrate interactive capabilities to their customers.

KRATOS can be downloaded from the Naostage website:


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About Naostage:

Naostage designs, develops and manufactures tracking systems for the rental-staging and fixed-install professionals. From its headquarters in Nantes, France, Naostage has devised the world’s first beaconless 3D tracking system, which can automatically identify performers on stage to synchronise, trigger and manage an infinite number of lighting, audio, video and media effects in real time. The product of four years’ R&D, the Naostage solution is backed by ABAB and BPI France, which invested €1m in the company in 2021.