Introducing the new SoundTools WallCAT 8


CAMARILLO, CA, June 8th, 2020– Introducing the new SoundTools WallCAT 8, an easy-to-install 2 gang wall plate with 4 female, and 4 male XLR connectors. The WallCAT 8 utilizes 8 connectors, allowing the choice of either input or output across 4 XLR channels. Two RJ45 etherCONs in the back of the plate transmit superior analog audio, AES3, DMX and interCOM signals to multiple locations with a Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cable. All connectors on the WallCAT 8 come pre-installed, and ready to go and require no soldering.  

SoundTools is committed to the design and the manufacturing of professional grade audio equipment, whether it’s used on a festival stage, in a concert hall, at a recording studio, or within an office building. With the SoundTools WallCAT 8, we set out to create a superior XLR wall plate for sending and receiving analog audio and COM signals over shielded CAT cables. The WallCAT 8 is compatible with analog, DMX, AES3 and interCOM signals. 

“The WallCAT 8 is super cool,” says Dave Rat, designer of the SoundTools products. “The WallCAT 4, male and female, have been wonderfully popular products for us.” He says that while designing the CAT Box 8 they wondered if they could fit 8 connectors on to a standard 4 in. x 4 in. wall box plate, and then set out to design it. “The WallCAT 8 is exciting because it allows the same panel to be used as either inputs outputs or any combination,” he says.  

The WallCAT 8, as well as all of our products at SoundTools, are covered by our Happy Human Warranty! If you need a replacement during the units lifetime, give our team a shout. 

About SoundTools 

Since the invention of the original Sniffer/Sender in 1996, Dave Rat and the SoundTools team have been blending form and function to create the ultimate tools for every sound person’s toolkit. They innovate and manufacture cool and useful devices that simplify everyday problems for audio professionals. Made for and by sound humans, all SoundTools products are tested on the road for maximum durability and reliability. SoundTools guarantees their products for life with the Happy Human Warranty, a promise that customers can reach out at anytime, anywhere, for a replacement.  

Learn more about the WallCAT 8 here: 

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