Interactive Technologies Releases CueServer Version 4.0


(CUMMING, GA; March 12, 2020) - Interactive Technologies announced the release of its latest software version for all models of its award-winning CueServer 2 platform. CueServer version 4.0 includes over 70 new features and bug fixes and is the largest single software release in CueServer’s history.

Version 4.0 introduces the concept of CueServer Plugins. Plugins are designed to add a new level of customization to every CueServer. Users can drag-and-drop a Plugin into a project and, like magic, CueServer suddenly has new skills. Need to run cues that are based on weather conditions? There’s a Plugin for that. Need to trigger DMX lighting and Philip’s Hue scenes? There’s a Plugin for that. Additionally, CueServer now speaks Javascript enabling users to mix and match Javascript code with the traditional CueScript language. CueServer’s multi-lingual feature gives users the ability to create more complicated logic or write a custom Plugin.

“With CueServer's new capabilities, we're enabling a next-generation of lighting control projects,” says Rob Johnston, Founder and President of Interactive Technologies. “These next-gen projects reach far beyond just DMX. They react to changes in the weather, integrate with multiple media types, and collaborate with the rapidly expanding Internet-of-Things."

Additionally, Version 4.0 offers users the power of Web Stations. Live and responsive control of a CueServer system can be achieved from within the same building or across the planet. The creation and publishing of touchscreen designs can now be performed on nearly any device including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux.

“CueServer 4.0 provides a new, open platform that puts integrators and installers in a position to add tremendous value to their service offerings,” says Gary Douglas, Senior Product Engineer.  “The unrestricted ability to fully customize a controller's behavior is unprecedented in the industry, and CueServer 4.0 does it in a modern and accessible way.”

Visit to download the new software or see the growing library of Plugins offered by Interactive.

Interactive Technologies, Inc. is a premiere manufacturer and world-wide provider of lighting control systems for the Architectural and Entertainment markets.  For nearly a quarter century Interactive Technologies has maintained and unwavering commitment to quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer service.  Our award-winning brands include the CueServer System and SceneStation Architectural Controller.

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