Howell Binkley Fellowship Recipient 2023 Announced

The Howell Binkley Fellowship Program is thrilled to announce the third Fellow, Amara McNeil ( Amara is a New York-based, Hartford-raised, theatrical lighting designer and filmmaker.  She holds a B.A. in Theater from Fordham University and is a 2019 ALW American Theater Wing Scholar. As a visual storyteller, she aims to create an immersive experience for the audience, using vibrant colors and dynamic angles to bring texture to the stage. As she continues to learn and grow, Amara hopes to create work that breaks down society’s perception of who gets to tell stories and what stories deserve to be told. Amara is extremely excited to learn from Amanda and Ryan for the next four months, gaining technical experience and a wonderful network of mentors and collaborators.

Please join us in congratulating Amara as she takes the next step in her career. We are thrilled that Amara found us and cannot wait to have such a gracious and motivated young designer join our team. Amara embodies the legacy of Howell Binkley and we know he would have been delighted to meet her and watch her soar.

Created in partnership with the Hemsley Lighting Programs, the Fellowship honors Howell Binkley's legacy of mentorship by providing the extra ‘push’ and assistance in fostering the next generation of theatrical lighting designers as they begin their careers.