Go Beyond Your Expectations At LDI 2023

Add Tools To Your Toolbox And Tricks To Your Trade.

Step into uncharted territory at the 2023 LDInstitute, where creativity is challenged and your imagination leaps beyond its boundaries. This is the stuff technological dreams are made of...

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Here are a few of the mind-challenging courses that await you:

Unleash Your Creativity: BlackTrax – Connecting to Media Servers for Interactive Live Experiences

Explore the exciting possibilities of BlackTrax real-time positional data.

XR & Virtual Production: Creating Immersive Experiences

Extended reality and virtual production are two of the hottest topics in broadcast and immersive experiences. Take a dive into architecting XR or the virtual production pipeline.

TouchDesigner Crash Course For Video Directors and Designers

Learn to create audio-reactive generative content, design generative lighting, process live video inputs and effects, and build custom user interfaces.

Introduction to Helios & Mimik Workflows

Master the process of video and lighting workflows presented in virtual production.

Intro to QLab for Projection and Audio

Learn the basics of this popular show control system for audio and video.

An Introduction to Resolume Arena 7

Learn the basics for mapping, masking, content generation, live performance, and VJ techniques.

Content Creation and Generation - Tools To Generate, More Open Source From After Effects to Blender

Discover new creative approaches for the generation of digital content for live production

Dataton Academy WATCHOUT Training

Dataton Academy is a comprehensive two-day class that covers the latest WATCHOUT developments and tools for creating spectacular multi-display shows.

Carbon For Unreal

Carbon for Unreal is a quantum-leap in the world of visualization, providing the tools and assets necessary for professional, real time productions within the powerful framework of Unreal Engine.

 Projection Mapping For Everyone

Learn about the origins, past, present and future of projection mapping, from what goes into a deciding on surfaces that are map-worthy to how to prepare your content and media server.

Register today and save 20% with promo code NOV20

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