Forecast For Tuesday, February 23, 2021

(Romeo and Juliet goes virtual...)

Romeo and Juliet, the world’s most famous love story in the time of Covid-19, goes virtual with a set by Jamie Osborne, sound design by Olly Steel, costume design by Natasha Bowles, lighting design by Elliot Smith, and visual effects by Preevue including computer generated imagery. A solid UK cast delivers the Bard in a contemporary fashion; worth a watch for the digital solutions and technicality. Streams on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 and thru the week. Buy tickets here.

 Training & Webcasts: 

February 23: Bluesound Professional: Surroundscapes Podcast, Series 3, The Future Of Events: Dave Labuskes, CEO of Avixa, dives deeply into the future of trade shows and the state of the AV industry. Avixa is the trade association representing the professional audiovisual communications industries worldwide.Listen Here.

February 23 @ 11am Central: Harman Learning Sessions: Delivering a Positive Tour Experience When You Can Only Carry Microphones w/ Claudia Engelhart: Claudia discusses music, listening, the road, stories from being a simultaneous sound person AND tour manager and what it takes to create a positive live music experience for everyone. Register Here.

Looking Ahead Register In Advance:

February 24 @ 2pm Eastern: True House Stories: Marsha Stern and Robbie Leslie: Have you ever wondered how it felt to be at one the NYCs back in the 70s/80s when Disco was really peaking. Get the untold story of some of THE most iconic clubs to ever exist from Marsha and Robbie as they worked as a DJ and light technician in clubs all over NYC including The Saint, Studio 54, 12 West and Underground. Hear from Robbie Leslie about his DJ Career and listen as Marsha’s accomplishments working in the industry and also gives us the story of Roy Thode. Watch Here.

• February 24 @ 2pm Eastern:  Bill Sapsis Free Remote Training: Aerial Rigging, Part 2.: Special guests Andy Schmitz and Ginger Griep-Ruiz take a look at aerial rigging from the performer’s point of view. Register Here.

February 24 @ 7pm Eastern: Northern Michigan University presents: A Hollywood Career in Costume Design with Ruth Carter: Carter’s unparalleled ability to develop an authentic story through costume and character has made her one of the most sought after and renowned costume designers today. She is the 2019 Academy Award winner for “Best Costume Design” for her work on Black Panther, making history as the first African American to win in that category. She has also garnered two additional Academy Award nominations for Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (1993) and Steven Spielberg’s Amistad (1998) as well as an Emmy nomination in 2016 for the reboot of Roots. Register Here.

Ruth Carter

February 24 @ 7pm Central: Harman Learning Sessions: An Introduction to Digital Audio in the Install World with Peter Moses: From converting audio into digital and then transporting the packets, learn about the different file formats, protocols and system designs to ensure your audio is delivered perfectly to its destination every time. Register Here.

February 25 @ 11am Eastern: City Theatrical: Webinar 10: Using City Theatrical Test Tools to Improve Wireless DMX: This 30-minute webinar focuses on using RadioScan™ Spectrum Analyzer and DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool to improve your wireless DMX performance – whether you use Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM or any other wireless DMX system. This webinar provides a general overview of how you can use the tools independently or in conjunction to improve your wireless DMX setup, and will help you plan for and/or troubleshoot your next wireless DMX installation. And stay for the book giveaway: One lucky webinar participant will win a copy of John Huntington's newest book, Introduction to Show Networking. Must register and be present to win. Register Here

February 25 @ 1pm Eastern: Ahead Of The Curve: The legendary holy grail, there are gems hidden inside of every industry, sometimes it takes a special person or talent to seek them out. The live events and live video industry has been rapidly changing and evolving and it may take a wizard to help us navigate the lands in search of our holy grails. Join host Geoffrey Platt and Ruben Laine from Creative Integration Studio as they explore the realms of live video production in live entertainment in search for the holy grail! Join us and be part of the conversation about content creation technologies, show control, and live events. Watch Here.

February 25 @ 2:30pm Eastern: Chicago Flyhouse Free Online Training: Bridle Math: This session will highlight the role that bridle math plays in all entertainment industry work. • Understand what a bridle is and the reasons they are used • Break down the forces involved in a bridle rig • Calculate loads on bridle components and on the building using several different methods • Review available digital resources for bridle calculations Bring a calculator that does squares and square roots handy for this class. iPhone calculators work great (turn sideways to get advanced features), Android depends on the app. Register Here.

February 25 @ 4pm Eastern: frame:work @ Clubhouse: Matthew Ward and Laura Frank will be co-hosting talk time around all topics related to frame:work and our community. Register Here.

February 25 @ 8pm Eastern: Wingspace Virtual Salon #22: Illuminating the Careers of Disabled Lighting Designers: Folx with disabilities have a very unique skill set that they bring to theatre; they have to be creative, innovative, and adaptable just to get through the day. The disability aesthetic embraces our differences to help tell the story better. As we create a roadmap to a more equitable theatre ecosystem, how can we as theatre-makers change not just the physical space, but the processes and protocols of how we collaborate to celebrate and accommodate people of different abilities? Corresponding with the release of the Howlround article of the same title, join Wingspace for an opportunity to dive deeper into the discussion about design through a disability lens with Annie Wiegand, Michael Maag, and Monique Holt. Register Here.

February 26 @ 2pm Eastern: Live Design's Plot Lines With Jeff Croiter: Tony-Award winning lighting designer Jeff Croiter shares and discusses the plots for his award-winning work for Peter and The Starcatcher. Hosted by KOI Award-winning LD/projection designer Roma Flowers. Q&A via live Zoom. Register Here.

Peter and The Starcatcher

Webcasts & Podcasts On Demand:

• Light Talk With The Lumen Brothers, Episode 203: Virtual Avatars Navigating Hopelessly Through Digital Landscapes: Join Lumen Brothers Stan and David (and Sistah, yours truly) as they pontificate about: Steve and his family escaping the snow; Winter in St. Barts; Letters to Light Talk Central; The Weeknd, revisited; Deep in the end zone; Stan's "good eye"; Zoom vs. face to face learning; Challenges and organization for LDI 2021; Design approaches for devised productions; "Heat 'em Up Aerosol Body Spray", Serving lighting artists and students with disabilities; How lighting manufacturers may approach a post pandemic world; and How yesterday's wonders give way to tomorrow's wizardry. Listen Here.

 • GLP: 10 Out Of 10, check out the latest episode here:

• USITT: No More 10 Out of 12's- Why It's Time for Change: A discussion about the move for changing the traditional rehearsal known as the 10 of 12. Sound designer Lindsay Jones, scenic designer Regina Garcia, actor Rachel Spencer Hewitt, and stage manager Lisa Dawn Cave participate in this discussion. Watch Here.

Tony Award-winning lighting designer Ken Billington, guest on the Artistic Finance podcast, discusses how he has managed his personal finances during more than sixty years of designing on Broadway and running a design studio. With over 100 Broadway shows to his credit, not to mention a slew of other shows from Las Vegas to SeaWorld and beyond. He has been nominated for nine Tony Awards for Best Lighting Design, and won for the musical Chicago. Thanks to Ethan Steimel for this interview with one of my favorite LDs. Listen Here.

Images courtesy of Ken Billington

Featured podcast: Changing The Landscape: In 2020, a group of theatre designers, directors, actors, managers, and technicians, produced an open letter titled ‘We See You White American Theatre," and laid it square in the public eye. The letter detailed the many transgressions accumulated toward theatre-makers identifying as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, by the predominantly white American theatre in the United States, and has reverberated through management structures, teaching institutions and theatre producing organizations at all levels prompting a new, thorough, unavoidable level of public conversation and accountability. Joining host Alan Edwards to discuss these topics: Award-winning scenic & costume designer and activist Clint Ramos; assistant dean and assistant professor adjunct in Theater Management for Yale School of Drama and general manager of Yale Repertory Theatre Kelvin Dinkins, Jr; and managing director of the Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts at Northwestern University Al Heartley. Listen Here.




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