Eric Prydz HOLO Stuns With Holographic 3D FX Powered By Avolites Ai

UK – Demigod DJ Eric Prydz’s mind blowing HOLO show returned from the future this summer, wowing EDM disciples with holographic technology and magical 3D FX. It was the latest development in a long line of Prydz performances which take media server processing and power to the limits of possibility – and seemingly, beyond.

Avolites’ Ai servers were at the core of the video system. 

“We’ve been using Ai for 10 years for Eric Prydz’s shows - it’s the only system which combines unparalleled throughput and quality with live triggering capabilities,” says Dave Green, Ai Programmer and Technical Director for RES. “There are other systems out there which are great at one or the other of these capabilities, but not all three.

“The Eric Prydz show is live, every time. There are never any pre-sequenced elements, so live control is critical. Also, the super high resolutions and frame rates we use demand ever more challenging throughput capabilities without compromising on quality and the only way to achieve this is with the AiM Superstream codec.”

HOLO is stunning. As Prydz performs, 3D storm clouds levitate above him, electrocuted by sparks of lightning. Gravity-defying 3D shapes form in the air, rotating as they appear to reach out into the crowd. It’s a show stopping example of what happens when world-leading visual technology meets some of the best creative minds.

Premiering at Glasgow’s Braehead Arena, HOLO travelled on to Belsonic Ormeau Park in Belfast and finished at Creamfields.

“We’ve used Ai since we first started creating Eric’s shows 10 yrs ago - and it just keeps getting better,” says Mark Calvert from RES. “When our team stood front of house at Creamfields 2018 and realised we had actually made the near-impossible possible, and it was all working together in harmony, it was a feeling our team will never forget. These feelings push us to keep breaking boundaries and giving the audience an incredible, never forgettable experience.”

A true team effort, those involved in Prydz’s HOLO are all referred to as co-designers. They consist of Manager Michael Sershall, Rene Sorensen as Tour Manager, Liam Tomaszewski as Creative Director, Ross Chapple as Lighting Director, Production Director Mark Calvert, Dave Green as Video Software Director, Production Manager Sam Newson – and Eric Prydz himself as the DJ/artist.

As Creative Director, Liam Tomaszewski is the wizard who creates the incredible visual concepts for each track. The technical team realises his visual creations and make them happen, live.

“Our shows are always evolving,” Calvert continues. “We never stay still, we strive to be better than our last show every time, and we never lose our enthusiasm.

“We’ll be using Ai for our 2019 shows and the ideas we have means they’re looking like the most exciting shows yet – we can’t wait.”