enCaption Improves Live Event Accessibility With AI On-Site Captions

enCaption by ENCO Systems is the winner of the LDI2022 Sound Product Award

To help better accommodate the growing deaf and hard of hearing community worldwide, at LDI 2022 booth 1410, ENCO Systems, Inc. will be showcasing its new solution for bringing fully-automated, onsite-generated captions to the live event & entertainment industry. enCaption is a fast and highly-accurate fully on-prem solution that needs no Internet and can feed in-venue CART caption video displays, scoreboards and centerhungs, Webcast encoders and Website HTML pages and smart devices, all while saving searchable transcripts of what was said.

Based on its award-winning AI-based solution used by of broadcasters, this new product makes live event captions more affordable while simplifying the technical workflow for event producers tremendously.

Being automated & on-prem, captions are instantly available at any time, and help reinforce important messaging at events, whether scripted or unscripted. This can be especially important in the case of emergencies, where a sudden essential announcement can’t wait for an off-site traditional caption resource to become available.

To help accommodate uniquely spelled names and jargon, enCaption offers custom word dictionaries which can be fed manually or via text automation (to ingest from prompter scripts, show rundowns, and any other source material for the event). It can block offensive words from being captioned, as well as swap out words that sound alike but spelled differently (i.e. Kris Cane = Chris Kane).

Live transcripts are generated in real-time, and can be edited later and shared as simple text files, as well as serve as sidecar caption files to add captions to future video edits of the event.

With municipalities requiring captions at more live event venues, it makes sense to consider how affordable such a neural network-based on-prem captioning solution is. enCaption can even deliver captions to several different platforms simultaneously, at any moment.

As an extension to enCaption, ENCO can also discuss enTranslate - which performs real-time automated translation to up to 27 different languages, vastly broadening accessibility to larger audiences instantly.

About the ENCO Presenter

Bill Bennett has in-depth and broadly demonstrable knowledge of AI-based captioning for a variety of applications, media types, workflows and facilities, and can clearly explain why captioning is essential for greater accessibility in live events and entertainment. In a prior life he owned an entertainment technology production company focused on lasers, so he knows the industry. He’s well organized, with presentation slides and style that’s light and mildly fun.