Elation Professional Introduces Artiste Van Gogh™ LED Wash Luminaire


Elation Professional has expanded its award-winning Artiste line of theatrical-grade moving heads with the new Artiste Van Gogh™, a state-of-the-art LED Wash luminaire that excels at accurate color reproduction for color projections of outstanding quality. Coupled with internal framing and whisper quiet operation, it is ideally suited for television, theater and corporate events, but has application anywhere powerful and even wash coverage is desired. The lighting fixture is now shipping. 

An efficient 380W Bright White, high-CRI LED engine (6,200K) emits up to 16,000 lumens of high-quality, flat-field light. With a high color rendering index of 92, the Artiste Van Gogh is exceptional at accurately displaying colors for vivid shades that positively radiate and textures that really stand out. It excels at maintaining an even distribution of light and an even color temperature across a surface for a smooth wash and consistent light quality that looks great on camera and in person.

The ideal partner to the profile luminaires in the Artiste range, illuminating objects and people with authentic color reproduction is the perfect application for the Artiste Van Gogh. A 16-bit CMY color-mixing system with a seamless CTO filter offers the designer a wide color range from subtle pastels to vibrant primaries. A seven-position color wheel is provided for added color customization and includes a dedicated UV filter.    

The ability to control precisely the shape of the light beam is essential in television and theatrical lighting. The Artiste Van Gogh excels with an internal 4-blade, full blackout, barndoor system that allows for beam shaping and accurate light control at any angle. The entire barn door assembly is indexable, allowing the beam to be shaped and angled as required for accurate highlighting of set pieces and performers. Designers can also use the flexible framing system to create outstanding projection or mid-air effects.

Beam angle can be resized from 7° to 55° (PC lens) and 11° to 66° (Fresnel lens) via a motorized zoom for more exact coverage. With a choice of PC or Fresnel lens (both included), the Van Gogh is flexible at any distance or field of projection from tight beams to wide, smooth washes for use in a variety of applications. A linear wash frost filter can be added at any time for an extra layer of smoothing.    

The Artiste Van Gogh comes equipped with all the professional control and connection features that designers would expect from a cutting-edge luminaire. Much like the artistic icon it is named after, the Artiste Van Gogh is both creative and inspirational and will serve as an essential design tool in the hands of the inventive designer. 

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